It really sucks balls....

It totally sucks large hairy balls that I dont have a freakin camera :( As you may or may not remember depending on how good your memory works or how much of the text in my posts you actually read that I somehow, some way cracked the screen of my amazing canon that I got in hong kong last feb.

You know what this means??? It means all the pics I SO want to take for you my lovelies I cant because the camera on my blackberry not only sucks and swallows but its a royal pain in the butt to get the pics off my phone. YES im one of those ppl that has a blackberry and refuses to add my email account to it.... I just dont want to be THAT reachable!!! And FYI I dont even have facebook on my BB... *gasp* I know even people with brick phones have FB on them... yeah well Im difficult ok!

Argh I wanted to show you all the cool and crazy purple eyes I did just for fun in class today or the awesome bangle I purchased after school... I took pics on my phone and ill prob post them this weekend but right now im SO drained that all I can think about is sleep, my bed and dragging my butt outta bed for one more weekday to face the cold, damp, darkness of old man winter....

Hope all is well with you all in the blogworld. Missing you much!

Stay Pretty ;)

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Anonymous said...

So many uncomfortable sexual references...

I'm right there with you with the lack of a good camera (as the one on my LG is not all that great).

MAH said...

Sending camera wishes... And yes - phones on camera's really do suck the big one and really are useless unless you like grainy, pixelated pictures with horrible lighting...

Have a relaxing rest of your day!

Nickie. said...

Tag, you're it! Head on over to my post: 25 Things About Me to find out the rules!

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