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Im now on my 3rd week of school and we have just finished learning all about the chemistry of makeup and the skins biology. YEAH I knew who knew becoming a makeup artist was so in depth! Today we learned all about cleansing the skin the "right" way... I had no idea how many things I was doing wrong in my daily routines until now.

The subway musings are kinda becoming the norm now. I find myself people watching a lot. I seem to notice everyones shoes... if the shoes interest me ill follow the line up to the face and which point im usually correct in my assumptions or totally thrown off... Like today there was a guy whos shoes looked worn and whos pants were not only too short for him but also stuck to his ankle and were riding up with each step. Or the woman who decided to be a hero by wearing stiletto heels in -15 icy weather... its interesting shit ppl I tell ya... well at 7am it is anyway!
In other news... I have kinda met someone.... I know shocking right, that hes actually made it to date #5! Im not really sure where its headed just yet as Im not really looking to commit just yet but hes sweet,mature, can cook and even got me a cute little birthday present :) Im still kinda keeping my options open but after the serious immature, no balls losers ive been on dates with in the resent past this is definitely a step up!!
Anyway enough about that... things have been so hectic as of late but im doing well thanks to all who have enquired... I may be working the behind the scenes of a fashion show this coming weekend through my school.. cant wait! I HATE not having a camera its killing me :(

Ill leave you now with a pic of my eyes that my teacher and another student worked on in class today.

Stay Pretty ;)

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alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

hot eyes lady!

Life in a Cube said...

Very nice! Hey I think you should make a video blog about how to cleanes your skin the right way, I have probably been doing it the wrong way too.

Little Fish said...

Love the lashes!

ReRe said...


Mira said...

It sucks that you broke your camera! I want to see all the makeup you're doing in the class. Get a new one? Or if you want we have an extra sony one sitting on our book shelf. You can use it until you get a new one! Let me know!

And I want to know the correct way to cleanse your face. Show me next time we see each other^_^

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