Damn its hard to keep up with the blogworld!

So as you may or may not have noticed ive been MIA for a few days.. Im sorry but not being at a computer till usually 10pm when all I want to do is check my emails for any "important" messages and go to bed so I can wake at 5:45am and do it all over again, doesnt really leave time for blogging.

Dont worry when I finish my course and return to my 9-5 I will become a good blogger again but until then you will have to excuse me for my lack of posts.

Today some biatch on the subway wouldnt let me and my gf sit beside each other cuz she just had to have THAT seat even though there was one right beside us. So we just decided to talk the entire 30 min subway ride downtown about nothing while she tried to read her newspaper... did I mention that I spend ALL day with 18-24 year olds now?? Ive reverted to my youth... the days when its ok to do these sorts of things... not sure what my friends excuse was really lol.. I joke AC I joke!

Anyway its 10:35pm and these days this is past my bedtime so Ill end by saying I miss you my loves!!!

ps- is it weird that our male teacher calls us his kittens??? I dunno....

Stay Pretty ;)



MAH said...

I just work and I find it hard to find time to blog on a daily basis. Even on a 3x a week basis! So yes, while we will miss your posts, we understand.

And Kittens... I suppose it is OK... unless it creeps you out! ;-)

Paula said...


Oh yes, that is fucked up!!!

Maxie said...

The blogworld is hard to keep up with. I leave for a few days and I feel totally out of the loop!

Himbo said...

Far! Hi gorgeous!! I concur, the blogosphere is so hard to keep up with. I've been trying to make my way over here to say hi but I'v been sick for like 2 weeks so I'm all outta whack. Anyway, the cool kids and I are celebrating my bday in West Hollywood today wee! My bday is actually tomorrow but... you know.

I'm so proud of you for going back to school, I'm gonna do the same thing, you've inspired me.

Kris said...

I hate people like that on the subway...

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