Discover Barbados, St Lucia, Antigua , St Kitts & San Juan with me

So the orientation yesterday was ok besides being hit with ice pellets, being late, having my mascara run because my eyes were watering and finding out that everyone else in the orientation was at least 6 years younger than me! But ill talk about school tomorrow today I will finish up my tour of the islands :)

Next on the discover channel was Barbados! We got off this ship and decided to take a quick driving tour of the island where the driver showed us the coast, the town and even a tiny animal farm in the middle of no where. We eventually ended up at Carlisle Bay beach for a short tanning session.

As we set sail that night for St Lucia we celebrated NYE on the ship in the middle of the sea it was awesome. It was one massive deck party with a live band and noise makers and streamers and free champagne... really who could complain?!

Heres a short video I took before the countdown.

It was an awesome night and a totally different experience I must say!

Next we went to St Lucia. We walked the area close to the ships port for a bit and then tried to make the most of this cloudy day at the beach. We had a few lucky sunny breaks but not many...
See the dark clouds?

So my brother got all kinds of towel animals but our cabin guy hated us for some reason so we never got any :(

Just sporting my wanna be Latina look & fergie ponytails!

Thoughts on the beach Au natural!

Next island was Antigua where we once again spent a few hours at the beach. This beach was the best one with soft white sands and no rocks!

I found this sign in town and thought it was funny...

On the ship this night they also had a bathrobe & PJ party which was kinda funny... not that many people participated but if I had known about it I def would have brought cuter pj's lol...

Our last island was St Kits where we made it our goal to get some damn color and tan all day.. Yes this is how I burnt my poor legs.. which im happy to report are not swollen anymore and a lot less red!
Of course we asked the taxi driver to give us a bit of a drive along the coast so we could see some of this amazing island..

I also went jet skiing for the first time ever it was soo much fun! One of those tiny people below is me lol...

Our last stop was our home port back in San Juan Puerto Rico where we actually had a few hours to discover San Juan. We decided to visit an old fort and it was incredible.

This cruise was a blast and although its a totally different experience than an all inclusive resort im so glad we chose this instead :) I must say there were some weirdos on this ship like the young Spanish girl who insisted on carrying around her "bride of chucky" doll everywhere on the ship including formal dinners..

I guess there's always gonna be a few crazies in a group of 4000 huh!

Hope you enjoyed my wrap up of my week in paradise :)

Stay Pretty ;)

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AC said...

OMG the doll!!!! OMG funniest ever!!! :)

I totally didn't believe you!

Bon Don said...

Really? she carried a doll everywhere!?? HAHAHA

Omgosh you looked so pretty in all your pictures, love your eyeshadow!

Great pictures! I'm still jealous

*Bon Don*

Nickie. said...

Strange people in the world, but thats what makes it interesting! Glad you enjoyed the trip!!!! Your photos make me wanna go away right now!

The Rambling Diva said...

I love your make-up! I left you an award on my blog :)

jr said...

you look totally fab in all those shots! Awesome pics. I'm not jealous at all ;P

LJ said...

Swweeeet pics! Everywhere looks so gorgeous! I'm totally digging the towel animals, maybe i can learn how to do that and get a job on a cruise ship.

Ibu said...

You look pretty in pics.

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