2 days of school and....

Ive been a student for count em 2 whole days now and Im SO exhausted! Being outta the game for 10 years is starting to show. Its 10pm and im in bed ready to pass out because my brain and body can no longer function. Being on my feet for 6-7 hours a day and walking those damn 4 flights of stairs about 4 times a day is takin a toll on not only me but all those damn 20 year olds too! I hear them huffin and puffin as they reach the top of those stairs and complaining about how their legs kill from standing... you know what this means dont you?? There isnt much difference between 20 and 30 biatches.. muahahha

Although im drained totally and am stressed about this damn fantasy hair project I gotta say I heart school :) im learning so much and being around all these youngins has been somewhat good for my ego as they are all convinced im lying when I say I turn 30 on friday.. One girl asked me for my ID and said she thought I was 18! Come ON 18?! Thats pushing it people lol...

In other news my amazing canon digi cam is done :( somehow I managed to crack the screen cuz THATS the kinda relationship me and electronics have!! Did I open one 2 many umbrella's indoors or something?! Anyway R.I.P Miss Canon (no mariahs not dead!)....

Have a fab day... miss u guys Im not liking posting the night before but its the only time I have.. what to do?!!

Stay Pretty ;)
ps- 2 days till......... well u all know what! So excited!



Brian in Mpls said...

Congrats on going back to school:) It took me about a month to get back into the swing of it but then it was a breeze:)

Andy said...

Sorry about the digi cam... I love the new blog header, btw.

Tough Girl 101 said...

or it means for a 30 year old, you can kick the ass outa the 20 year olds :-)

Muffy Willowbrook said...

Good for you for going back to school - and congrats on looking 18!

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