Still recovering...

Thanks for all the sweet wishes *smooches*....

This weekend was so fun however the snow storm on saturday night cut the guestlist in half. Mich came in for the weekend and it was amazing to have her here to celebrate with me. We had so much fun and as soon as I round up the pics from all my friends (remember my canon died at the best possible time!) ill post some.

Friday I had my hair exam here are some pics of my "little bow peep meets high fashion" project. I ended up getting 96.5% on the exams... boooyah! Check out my hair "bows"..

Im in my second week of school and we are finally starting the makeup section. We got our kits today with a ton of makeup, a bunch of brushes and an awesome makeup train. Its SO heavy though...

Im lacking sleep and im so tired I cant even be bothered to eat.. how sad lol..

Miss you all!

Stay Pretty ;)

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MY said...

I have been seeing this weird look on some celebrities lately. Im not sure what to think. It kind of reminds me of Minnie Mouse!!! :O

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

how very lady gaga of you!!!

jenniferalaine said...

you can do that to my hair ANY DAY.

VisH said...

Hey nice hair the way where r u dear...? i need ur comments.....!!!

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