If you're a bad friend im a horrible friend!

So I totally called someone a bad friend for getting my birthday wrong... Well he was 1 day off BUT in my defence ive only been mentioning my birthday for every single day for the past month!! I mean what more do I have to do to drill it into peoples heads? I heart birthdays especially ones on January 16th ;) 2 more sleeps till the big 3-0!!

Anyway after I called him a bad friend for being one day off he came at me with "well ok missy when's my birthday, without looking in your calendar"..... ugggh.... I sat there thinking for a minute now I knew it was in may and my instincts said to go with May 5th but for some reason I changed my mind at the last second and went with May 22nd.... YEAH I was a whole 18 days off because his birthday was May 4th which if I had gone with my initial guess would have put me at only 1 day off too....

So "May 4th" I too am a bad friend or maybe even a horrible friend! This is where my crackberry will come in handy now.... You have been added to my calendar and I will suck it up and say im sorry :P But I still rock and so will my bday tomorrow... hehe

Gotta go finish off my hair project now im doing Little Bow Peep meets High Fashion... making bows outta hair... wish me luck for my project and exam friday. Kinda like this hair bow but think cuter not so glam and in a bow peep style one on each side like bow pigtails...

Stay Pretty ;)
Oh ps- im so excited MICH comes in to the T-dot tonight to party it up with my for the weekend yay!!

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Nickie. said...

It's ok my dad for the life of him could not get me and my brother's birthdays straight. He thought mine was June 4th and my brothers was May 8th, but actually mine is May 4th (yay! May Bdays!) and my brothers is June 8th. He finally got it down now. =D

Nickie. said...

I also gave you an award! Head over to my blog to pick it up! Thanks!

Amber said...

Last year, my friend forgot my birthday by one day. I was really annoyed because we have been friends for 17 years!

MAH said...

Happy (less than) one day before your Birthday! ...just in case I don't make it over to the blog tomorrow ;-) Have a great day and weekend!!!

S. said...

I'm bad at remembering peoples birthdays too. And mine is super notorious since September 11th (You guessed it! 9.11 is my day of birth.)and thus remembered. They should follow suit and get their birthdays remembered.

(No Terrorism though. That'd be bad.)

The Loss Adjuster said...

Happy Birthday!

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