Birsdays Rule!

Dear 30,
Ive been looking forward to seeing you for quite a while now. Your younger brother 20 didn't really like me much you know. In fact he was pretty mean to me at times and so when I heard that I didn't have to be around him anymore I was wicked happy.
Ive heard so many nice things about you from all those who know you that I really freakin hope you live up to the hype! I really cant deal with anymore attitude like the one your brother 20 gave me all the time.... It drained me and im so ready to move on....

Looking forward to spending much time together ;)
Oh and 30, I hope you're ready to party cuz its gonna be one hell of a weekend...

Also I would just like to take a moment of silence for Aaliyah who would have also been 30 today :(

Stay Pretty 30 ;)



The Odd Duck said...

Happy birthday darlin'! Hope that 30 treats you better than 20 and that you and Mich have a blast.

*bows his head*

That was a lovely thing to do.

Take care!

Endless Randomness said...

Happy 30th Far... have a great one!

Life in a Cube said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great weekend.

LJ said...

Happy 30th Birthday!

Shasta said...

Happy Birthday pretty! 30 does rock, it has been the best year of my life. Have an awesome party weekend!

Bon Don said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Far Beeeeeeee, Happy Birthday to you!

Cheers to 30!

The Rambling Diva said...

I love your letter... it made me laugh. Happy birthday!!!!! I hope you have a blast this weekend

S. said...

Happy Birthday!

Be sure to share all your 30th Birthday Shananigans with us!

Tough Girl 101 said...

Happy 30th.

And wow, Aaliyah, haven't thought of her in awhile! She really was a big loss to music.

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

hope you had a great birthday weekend!!!

Little Fish said...

Happy Birthday ( a little late)!!

BTW- the 30's are so muh better then the 20's

Anonymous said...

Hope you had an amazing 30th birthday!

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