Going back to school after 10 years means.....

So as some of you know I will be heading back to school on Monday for approx 3.5 months. What will I be taking?? Well I decided that if I was going to go back to school for anything it would have to be for something I loved that was also practical, that I was actually good at and that would allow me to get a job anywhere in the world.
So ladies and gents in 3.5 months I will be a certified Makeup Artist!! :)
I cant wait to be able to beautify the world one person at a time ;)

So I had my orientation this past Wednesday and as I sat there amongst the group of 8 girls I quickly realized that I was the oldest one there... Not just the oldest but Im talking older by at least 6 years! We all had to talk about why we were there and when I mentioned that I had been in a totally different career for the last 10 years I could hear the gasps in the room. One girl finally asked me how old I was and when I proudly told her that I would be turning 30 next week the room fell silent and jaws dropped. I kinda sunk down in my chair a little until one by one they started to tell me how I looked 21 and how they couldn't believe I was 30... This made me feel SO much better lol.

As the session came to an end one girl turned to me and smiled as she said "you're cool, dont go grandma on us ok?!"

bahahahhaha Since when is 30 the new grandma??
OK I wont go grandma on you I promise!

So as of Monday I will be posting my blog entries the night before. I plan to fill you in on becoming a student at 30 again, the weirdos on the subway & being a downtowner from 9-4 again! With a class full of 18-24 year old girls there's bound to be some funny stories over the next few months :)

Wish me luck ;) I will be available for makeup applications starting in may ;)

Stay Pretty ;)



The Rambling Diva said...

Grandma?? Don't they know 30 is the new 20! Good luck with school, can't wait to hear all about it.

Life in a Cube said...

I know exactly what you mean I'm still finishing my basics in college to transfer to a university and I'm in classes where the kids are just out of high school. One kid asked me if I can buy him beer for him and his friends.

Mandy said...

Good luck! I am looking forward to reading about your experiences. Its so funny hear "kids" talk about how old and grandma like 30 seems.

Deutlich said...

that is WICKED that you're going to beauty school. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE playing with make up!

LJ said...

That is exciting! 30 isn't too old, but what would I know I'm only 29!
I love your make up kit picture, looks like a lot of fun!

Nickie. said...

Good Luck with schoool! =) And btw you don't look 30 at all, I thought 21 too when I first saw your pics.

ReRe said...

they were all probably just amazed that you were actually old enough to work for 10 solid years!

Bon Don said...

Oh that picture looks like so much fun!! Beautify me too please!!

Maxie said...

That's awesome! And it will be something that you love. Good luck!!!

The Odd Duck said...

Good luck dear! 30 seems so far away but happy early birthday!

I have the opposite problem happen. I'll go to clubs and when the person at the door looks at my ID they invariably ask if it's for real as I look years older than 20.

The Odd Duck said...

P. S. I love your new masthead.

MsPuddin said...

girl, some people are grandmas at thiry these days haha but not 30-yr-olds going to make-up school. get it girl!!

Pam said...

Congrats on going back to school. I think you will be awesome!!

Pam said...

P.S. I gave you an award!!

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