Mannequin heads, french braids & an exam already?!

So yesterday was my first day of school and I got put into the class that studies hair this week. I was actually pretty excited cuz it was one of the things I was really looking forward to learning about..... that was until we got out crash course in french braids, inverted french braids and corn rows, 4 strand braids, 5 strand braids, knotting, twists, french twists, pin curls, back combing & a bunch of other stuff thats slipped my mind because quite frankly it was a heck of a lot to take in the first day!

I tried people I really tried but I cant french braid for shit.... inverted french braids? forget about it... how many people are really every going to come to me and request a french braid anyway?! I mean 1980's much!
We got our hair kits which really only come with 2 brushes, 1 rat tail comb & some salon clips.. not bad for a course that really only focus' on hair for a week huh.

I also found out that we have an exam on friday (my birthday!) .... lovely. We need to create a fantasy hair look for our mannequin (any ideas??). We are also required to hand in a story board.... yeah I had to actually go buy crayons, a hole punch and colored pens so that I can keep up with these damn 20 year olds. I had to buy crayons! I would have gone with pencil crayons but they were $6.95 and the crayons were $1.26 so really the choice was obvious its not like im going to be using these a lot or for anything more than to pretty up my cover page of my story board.

Our class of 9 girls seems cool... went for lunch with some of them & while I had my subway salad they scarfed down those footlong subs... Although I felt good for staying healthy I secretly cursed those 20 year old metabolisms!

Anyway tomorrow I get to bring my mannequin head home to practice on.... dragging a mannequin head home on a crowded subway... YEAH that should be fun!! Ill play a game I like to call count the crazy looks I get!

Its so weird not sitting at a computer all day... Im hoping the 4 flights of stairs I have to climb to get to class will work wonders.... ok maybe just tiny improvements on my stupid flat bum... what?! something goods gotta come of those damn stairs that make me huff and puff every time I get to the top right?!

Stay Pretty ;)



The Odd Duck said...

I've watched the girlfriend french braid, all I can say is best of look to you. My eyes actually crossed during all that.

A storyboard? You mean like drawing different hair styles or the steps to do one?

Glad to hear you enjoyed your first day and good luck on your exam darlin'.

delizcious said...

Happy early birthday!

Tough Girl 101 said...

yup, walking up the stairs definitely helps

happy bday, said...

I can only do an inside out french braid on myself. I'm not sre why.

Little Fish said...

I thought exactly the same thing as I started reading this post, "Who is really gonna come in for a french braid?" By the time the french braid comes back in style your Gandkids will be in high school.

Bon Don said...

My fingers are cramping just thinking about all that braiding!

Anonymous said...

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French course said...

Exam on your birthday. Lucky you ;)

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