How I discovered Dominica...

So today as you read this ill be at my orientation for school. I start full time this up coming monday and im super excited :)

Either way I promised you more islands so here it is... Im only going to cover Dominica today because I loved it and it deserves its own post :)

Dominica was probably one of my favorite islands. We got off the ship and were hit with the usual market at the ships port and then headed off on a tour of the city. We were taken to an amazing view point where we could see out ship and pretty much the whole town.
We were then taken to a site where we saw a crushed school bus that was the result of Dominicas worst hurricane. We were told that it was the only school bus on the island at the time and there have been no school buses on the island since. They have preserved this crushed bus and in fact the tree is now growing around it.

Lastly we were taken to an amazing rainforest area where we saw 2 stunning waterfalls. The entire area smelled strongly of sulfur as there were sulfur springs around but it was so worth it when we saw the views. We were told that the sulfur in the air has a history of helping the natives of Dominica live longer.

Tomorrow more pics and stories... but now I must get my beauty sleep as I have to wake up early for school.
Stay Pretty ;)

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Bon Don said...

*sigh* Still jealous! how beautiful

ReRe said...

school? tell me more!

my semester starts soon. i'm knee deep in readings and have a 10 page paper due on the first day of class. booo

Bon Don said...

Hey Pretty, I gave you an award over on my blog, go check it out!

*Bon Don*

LJ said...

Wow Amazing pics!

What up with all the sulfur smells, I noticed that in Key West, how does it help peeps live longer?

Eric Shonkwiler said...

I love the picture of the crushed bus. It seems like there ought to be a story there--more than what you were told.

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