Discover Puerto Rico & St Thomas with me...

My poor burnt legs :( they are so uncomfy and so swollen lord I hope this gets better before my big birthday weekend!

Anyway as promised here are some pics from the cruise :)

First we start off in San Juan Puerto Rico (this is where 3/4 of the passengers on the ship were from which was weird cuz they all thought I was puerto rican too.. I guess I could pass)

We arrived at about 6pm and headed to this ship below is a pic of me and a fam friend chillin with Mr Jack Daniels at the ships docking port before we got on the ship.

Here is me (im the short one!), my older brother and our friend chillin the first night on the Lido deck at the top of the ship. In the background you can see the massive movie screen.

The first night was just spent discovering the ship not much excitement there. We had an inside cabin room and it was surprisingly spacious. 2 single beds, a tv, vanity, big bathroom and 4 closets not bad for a inside cabin. Dont mind the mess... 2 girls in one room trying to unpack always leads to a mess...

The first stop was St Thomas. This is the place to do all your jewelry shopping. So naturally my mother wanted to hit all the jewelry stores and ended up with some bling rings that I picked out and a diamond bracelet that Im hoping to borrow some day. I on the other hand didnt get anything... I was almost talked into a classic Movado watch and although I really do need a watch I kinda have my eye on a certain charm bracelet watch.

St Thomas is really well known for its jewels and I was amazed at how many big purchases I saw going on around me. I saw one man drop about $400,000 in one go on his wife. He was like 70 and he went on and on about how he cant take his money with him when he dies so he might as well spend it now. His wife looked about 60ish with a ridiculous face lift and although stylish her white capris were just about as high as her implants. I suppose it didnt matter as she was draped in diamonds, sapphires and ruby's head to toe. She sported a 6crt yellow diamond ring surrounded by diamonds (yes I noticed) and he was in there yelling at the poor shop owner to bring out the biggest diamond he had... I was of course fascinated by this all because I have never ever seen someone spend that kinda of money or really ever been that close to so many massive diamonds before. I think I caught myself drooling at some point too.. Anyway it was really fun but it rained on and off all day so it was kind of annoying.

The people in St Thomas are super nice and come from all over including other Caribbean islands, the usa, Canada and even as far away as India.

We went past a outdoor market where counterfeit goods were all over. I was kind of surprised given its a US island but I guess no one cares there.

Also if you are a pimp and need bling this is the island for you!

Its illegal to talk on your cell phone while driving even in the islands..

Here are some pics I took while we were out and about St Thomas.

Although we had to be back on the ship at 4:30pm we still had enough time to discover some of the beauty of these islands and meet some very sweet people. I would totally go back to St Thomas just for the warmth of the people and the jewels of course ;)

Tomorrow I shall post about Dominica & Barbados.

Stay Pretty ;)



Anonymous said...

Looks like fun!

Mandy said...

Sounds like a fabulous trip!

Jossie Posie said...

That old couple draped in diamonds and dripping in plastic surgery, welcome to my life in the non-profit world. Fun times.

LJ said...

Wow great post!

I'm doing in Florida now and I am thinking of flying over to some of the island. I'll be looking forward to your review of the different islands :)

I like the license plate pic, it makes me want to move there for some reason!

Nickie. said...

Looks like you had fun on your trip.

PS_You've been tagged!! HEad on over to my profile to learn the directions. =D

Tough Girl 101 said...

Holy cow! I don't think I've ever seen that much bling anywhere. That's one fab trip.

Darrin said...

Man... I can't wait to go on another Carnival Cruise!! Have Fun!!

Erin said...

I loved St. Thomas! I went there on both of the cruises I've been on and loved it both times!

Pam said...

Loved your pics!! This makes me really ansy for my cruise next year!

Bon Don said...

Awww Far I'm super jealous! How awesome are those pictures!?

Ok how I wish I could just roll up in a jewlery store and drop 400,000!! Damn!

Anonymous said...

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