It really sucks balls....

It totally sucks large hairy balls that I dont have a freakin camera :( As you may or may not remember depending on how good your memory works or how much of the text in my posts you actually read that I somehow, some way cracked the screen of my amazing canon that I got in hong kong last feb.

You know what this means??? It means all the pics I SO want to take for you my lovelies I cant because the camera on my blackberry not only sucks and swallows but its a royal pain in the butt to get the pics off my phone. YES im one of those ppl that has a blackberry and refuses to add my email account to it.... I just dont want to be THAT reachable!!! And FYI I dont even have facebook on my BB... *gasp* I know even people with brick phones have FB on them... yeah well Im difficult ok!

Argh I wanted to show you all the cool and crazy purple eyes I did just for fun in class today or the awesome bangle I purchased after school... I took pics on my phone and ill prob post them this weekend but right now im SO drained that all I can think about is sleep, my bed and dragging my butt outta bed for one more weekday to face the cold, damp, darkness of old man winter....

Hope all is well with you all in the blogworld. Missing you much!

Stay Pretty ;)

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Update Time..

Im now on my 3rd week of school and we have just finished learning all about the chemistry of makeup and the skins biology. YEAH I knew who knew becoming a makeup artist was so in depth! Today we learned all about cleansing the skin the "right" way... I had no idea how many things I was doing wrong in my daily routines until now.

The subway musings are kinda becoming the norm now. I find myself people watching a lot. I seem to notice everyones shoes... if the shoes interest me ill follow the line up to the face and which point im usually correct in my assumptions or totally thrown off... Like today there was a guy whos shoes looked worn and whos pants were not only too short for him but also stuck to his ankle and were riding up with each step. Or the woman who decided to be a hero by wearing stiletto heels in -15 icy weather... its interesting shit ppl I tell ya... well at 7am it is anyway!
In other news... I have kinda met someone.... I know shocking right, that hes actually made it to date #5! Im not really sure where its headed just yet as Im not really looking to commit just yet but hes sweet,mature, can cook and even got me a cute little birthday present :) Im still kinda keeping my options open but after the serious immature, no balls losers ive been on dates with in the resent past this is definitely a step up!!
Anyway enough about that... things have been so hectic as of late but im doing well thanks to all who have enquired... I may be working the behind the scenes of a fashion show this coming weekend through my school.. cant wait! I HATE not having a camera its killing me :(

Ill leave you now with a pic of my eyes that my teacher and another student worked on in class today.

Stay Pretty ;)

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Damn its hard to keep up with the blogworld!

So as you may or may not have noticed ive been MIA for a few days.. Im sorry but not being at a computer till usually 10pm when all I want to do is check my emails for any "important" messages and go to bed so I can wake at 5:45am and do it all over again, doesnt really leave time for blogging.

Dont worry when I finish my course and return to my 9-5 I will become a good blogger again but until then you will have to excuse me for my lack of posts.

Today some biatch on the subway wouldnt let me and my gf sit beside each other cuz she just had to have THAT seat even though there was one right beside us. So we just decided to talk the entire 30 min subway ride downtown about nothing while she tried to read her newspaper... did I mention that I spend ALL day with 18-24 year olds now?? Ive reverted to my youth... the days when its ok to do these sorts of things... not sure what my friends excuse was really lol.. I joke AC I joke!

Anyway its 10:35pm and these days this is past my bedtime so Ill end by saying I miss you my loves!!!

ps- is it weird that our male teacher calls us his kittens??? I dunno....

Stay Pretty ;)

Still recovering...

Thanks for all the sweet wishes *smooches*....

This weekend was so fun however the snow storm on saturday night cut the guestlist in half. Mich came in for the weekend and it was amazing to have her here to celebrate with me. We had so much fun and as soon as I round up the pics from all my friends (remember my canon died at the best possible time!) ill post some.

Friday I had my hair exam here are some pics of my "little bow peep meets high fashion" project. I ended up getting 96.5% on the exams... boooyah! Check out my hair "bows"..

Im in my second week of school and we are finally starting the makeup section. We got our kits today with a ton of makeup, a bunch of brushes and an awesome makeup train. Its SO heavy though...

Im lacking sleep and im so tired I cant even be bothered to eat.. how sad lol..

Miss you all!

Stay Pretty ;)

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Birsdays Rule!

Dear 30,
Ive been looking forward to seeing you for quite a while now. Your younger brother 20 didn't really like me much you know. In fact he was pretty mean to me at times and so when I heard that I didn't have to be around him anymore I was wicked happy.
Ive heard so many nice things about you from all those who know you that I really freakin hope you live up to the hype! I really cant deal with anymore attitude like the one your brother 20 gave me all the time.... It drained me and im so ready to move on....

Looking forward to spending much time together ;)
Oh and 30, I hope you're ready to party cuz its gonna be one hell of a weekend...

Also I would just like to take a moment of silence for Aaliyah who would have also been 30 today :(

Stay Pretty 30 ;)

If you're a bad friend im a horrible friend!

So I totally called someone a bad friend for getting my birthday wrong... Well he was 1 day off BUT in my defence ive only been mentioning my birthday for every single day for the past month!! I mean what more do I have to do to drill it into peoples heads? I heart birthdays especially ones on January 16th ;) 2 more sleeps till the big 3-0!!

Anyway after I called him a bad friend for being one day off he came at me with "well ok missy when's my birthday, without looking in your calendar"..... ugggh.... I sat there thinking for a minute now I knew it was in may and my instincts said to go with May 5th but for some reason I changed my mind at the last second and went with May 22nd.... YEAH I was a whole 18 days off because his birthday was May 4th which if I had gone with my initial guess would have put me at only 1 day off too....

So "May 4th" I too am a bad friend or maybe even a horrible friend! This is where my crackberry will come in handy now.... You have been added to my calendar and I will suck it up and say im sorry :P But I still rock and so will my bday tomorrow... hehe

Gotta go finish off my hair project now im doing Little Bow Peep meets High Fashion... making bows outta hair... wish me luck for my project and exam friday. Kinda like this hair bow but think cuter not so glam and in a bow peep style one on each side like bow pigtails...

Stay Pretty ;)
Oh ps- im so excited MICH comes in to the T-dot tonight to party it up with my for the weekend yay!!

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2 days of school and....

Ive been a student for count em 2 whole days now and Im SO exhausted! Being outta the game for 10 years is starting to show. Its 10pm and im in bed ready to pass out because my brain and body can no longer function. Being on my feet for 6-7 hours a day and walking those damn 4 flights of stairs about 4 times a day is takin a toll on not only me but all those damn 20 year olds too! I hear them huffin and puffin as they reach the top of those stairs and complaining about how their legs kill from standing... you know what this means dont you?? There isnt much difference between 20 and 30 biatches.. muahahha

Although im drained totally and am stressed about this damn fantasy hair project I gotta say I heart school :) im learning so much and being around all these youngins has been somewhat good for my ego as they are all convinced im lying when I say I turn 30 on friday.. One girl asked me for my ID and said she thought I was 18! Come ON 18?! Thats pushing it people lol...

In other news my amazing canon digi cam is done :( somehow I managed to crack the screen cuz THATS the kinda relationship me and electronics have!! Did I open one 2 many umbrella's indoors or something?! Anyway R.I.P Miss Canon (no mariahs not dead!)....

Have a fab day... miss u guys Im not liking posting the night before but its the only time I have.. what to do?!!

Stay Pretty ;)
ps- 2 days till......... well u all know what! So excited!

Mannequin heads, french braids & an exam already?!

So yesterday was my first day of school and I got put into the class that studies hair this week. I was actually pretty excited cuz it was one of the things I was really looking forward to learning about..... that was until we got out crash course in french braids, inverted french braids and corn rows, 4 strand braids, 5 strand braids, knotting, twists, french twists, pin curls, back combing & a bunch of other stuff thats slipped my mind because quite frankly it was a heck of a lot to take in the first day!

I tried people I really tried but I cant french braid for shit.... inverted french braids? forget about it... how many people are really every going to come to me and request a french braid anyway?! I mean 1980's much!
We got our hair kits which really only come with 2 brushes, 1 rat tail comb & some salon clips.. not bad for a course that really only focus' on hair for a week huh.

I also found out that we have an exam on friday (my birthday!) .... lovely. We need to create a fantasy hair look for our mannequin (any ideas??). We are also required to hand in a story board.... yeah I had to actually go buy crayons, a hole punch and colored pens so that I can keep up with these damn 20 year olds. I had to buy crayons! I would have gone with pencil crayons but they were $6.95 and the crayons were $1.26 so really the choice was obvious its not like im going to be using these a lot or for anything more than to pretty up my cover page of my story board.

Our class of 9 girls seems cool... went for lunch with some of them & while I had my subway salad they scarfed down those footlong subs... Although I felt good for staying healthy I secretly cursed those 20 year old metabolisms!

Anyway tomorrow I get to bring my mannequin head home to practice on.... dragging a mannequin head home on a crowded subway... YEAH that should be fun!! Ill play a game I like to call count the crazy looks I get!

Its so weird not sitting at a computer all day... Im hoping the 4 flights of stairs I have to climb to get to class will work wonders.... ok maybe just tiny improvements on my stupid flat bum... what?! something goods gotta come of those damn stairs that make me huff and puff every time I get to the top right?!

Stay Pretty ;)

From professional to student....

Today is my first day as a born again student!

I dont even remember what this is supposed to feel like... its been soooo long but one thing I do know is that for the next 3 months I can get dressed in anyway I wanna dressed in the mornings!!
No more dress pants or blouses or blazers because you know what 20 year old students dont wear that shit! Instead it will be all yoga pants, jeans, hoodies and velour track suits... wait are those even in style still?? Ill play it safe the first day and leave it at home...
I dont need to wake up early to blow dry my hair because you know what 20 year old students are allowed to wear funky hats or put their hair in a ponytail whenever they want! I may even rock some stylish pigtails under my snazzy hat some day this month... Dont worry Im not talking anything tacky just some cute low pigtails that keep my hair outta my face and dont require me to wake up 30 mins earlier just to style.

Big heavy purse?? No thanks, instead Ive switched all my essential "purse" items to my super fantastic Puma shoulder bag... way bigger, so much sportier and quiet frankly it just screams student! Ive already managed to stuff it with my first day note pads, highlighters and pens.

Yup I think im going to enjoy my new life as a student..... for the next 3 months anyway!

Stay Pretty ;)

Throwback Sunday

I know Im posting this late but better late then never right...

This weeks throwback is

You're makin me high by Toni Braxton

Why? Because im just in that kinda mood ;) Its one cheesy video but aren't they all?!
I love the fact that they are rating the men and that GINA's in it :) I have to say though that after watching this vid I thought 2 things....1) I much prefer Toni in this video with her curly hair... she looks sooo much cuter then that wig shes sportin and 2) shes wearing a totally white cat suit... and shes wearing dark makeup.... yall see where im going with this? It must have been one long ass day on set or there must have been someone employed just to stand by with a tide to go pen!
Anyway I heart Toni Braxton and welcome her return.... IF and WHEN she ever decides to get back in the game...

Enjoy :)

Stay Pretty ;)

Going back to school after 10 years means.....

So as some of you know I will be heading back to school on Monday for approx 3.5 months. What will I be taking?? Well I decided that if I was going to go back to school for anything it would have to be for something I loved that was also practical, that I was actually good at and that would allow me to get a job anywhere in the world.
So ladies and gents in 3.5 months I will be a certified Makeup Artist!! :)
I cant wait to be able to beautify the world one person at a time ;)

So I had my orientation this past Wednesday and as I sat there amongst the group of 8 girls I quickly realized that I was the oldest one there... Not just the oldest but Im talking older by at least 6 years! We all had to talk about why we were there and when I mentioned that I had been in a totally different career for the last 10 years I could hear the gasps in the room. One girl finally asked me how old I was and when I proudly told her that I would be turning 30 next week the room fell silent and jaws dropped. I kinda sunk down in my chair a little until one by one they started to tell me how I looked 21 and how they couldn't believe I was 30... This made me feel SO much better lol.

As the session came to an end one girl turned to me and smiled as she said "you're cool, dont go grandma on us ok?!"

bahahahhaha Since when is 30 the new grandma??
OK I wont go grandma on you I promise!

So as of Monday I will be posting my blog entries the night before. I plan to fill you in on becoming a student at 30 again, the weirdos on the subway & being a downtowner from 9-4 again! With a class full of 18-24 year old girls there's bound to be some funny stories over the next few months :)

Wish me luck ;) I will be available for makeup applications starting in may ;)

Stay Pretty ;)

Discover Barbados, St Lucia, Antigua , St Kitts & San Juan with me

So the orientation yesterday was ok besides being hit with ice pellets, being late, having my mascara run because my eyes were watering and finding out that everyone else in the orientation was at least 6 years younger than me! But ill talk about school tomorrow today I will finish up my tour of the islands :)

Next on the discover channel was Barbados! We got off this ship and decided to take a quick driving tour of the island where the driver showed us the coast, the town and even a tiny animal farm in the middle of no where. We eventually ended up at Carlisle Bay beach for a short tanning session.

As we set sail that night for St Lucia we celebrated NYE on the ship in the middle of the sea it was awesome. It was one massive deck party with a live band and noise makers and streamers and free champagne... really who could complain?!

Heres a short video I took before the countdown.

It was an awesome night and a totally different experience I must say!

Next we went to St Lucia. We walked the area close to the ships port for a bit and then tried to make the most of this cloudy day at the beach. We had a few lucky sunny breaks but not many...
See the dark clouds?

So my brother got all kinds of towel animals but our cabin guy hated us for some reason so we never got any :(

Just sporting my wanna be Latina look & fergie ponytails!

Thoughts on the beach Au natural!

Next island was Antigua where we once again spent a few hours at the beach. This beach was the best one with soft white sands and no rocks!

I found this sign in town and thought it was funny...

On the ship this night they also had a bathrobe & PJ party which was kinda funny... not that many people participated but if I had known about it I def would have brought cuter pj's lol...

Our last island was St Kits where we made it our goal to get some damn color and tan all day.. Yes this is how I burnt my poor legs.. which im happy to report are not swollen anymore and a lot less red!
Of course we asked the taxi driver to give us a bit of a drive along the coast so we could see some of this amazing island..

I also went jet skiing for the first time ever it was soo much fun! One of those tiny people below is me lol...

Our last stop was our home port back in San Juan Puerto Rico where we actually had a few hours to discover San Juan. We decided to visit an old fort and it was incredible.

This cruise was a blast and although its a totally different experience than an all inclusive resort im so glad we chose this instead :) I must say there were some weirdos on this ship like the young Spanish girl who insisted on carrying around her "bride of chucky" doll everywhere on the ship including formal dinners..

I guess there's always gonna be a few crazies in a group of 4000 huh!

Hope you enjoyed my wrap up of my week in paradise :)

Stay Pretty ;)

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