Weekend Recovery...

Saturday night was one of my BBF's bdays...
I was smart and didn't eat dinner but decided to drink...
Which lead to me being sick that night... and the next morning...
Poor Mr.25 being the great guy he is took care of me the whole weekend.
My ribs still kill :(

In other news I hosted my mascara party yesterday the results of which will be posted soon.

Also I will be giving away a brand new Maybelline Pulse Perfection Vibrating mascara in the next few days.. Be sure to check back so you can enter my giveaway!
Want a $5 off coupon? Go here www.livethepulse.ca

I'm still in shock over the death of MJ.. I know its been talked about to death (no pun intended) but its just such a tragic loss... I'm still sad...

Stay Pretty ;)

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Jillian said...

booooooo at being sick...but yaaay at having good BF to take care of you lol....

sounds like mascara party went well!!!!

Happy Tuesday F to the A-R!!

Miss Cindy said...

Yes, MJ's death is still so sad :( Too bad you got sick, hate when that happens! But you had someone sweet to take care of you, and that's always nice :)

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