SNeak Peek Green Screen Photos from Set..

So yesterday was my first on film experience and I gotta say it was awesome.
I didn't sleep much the night before because I was going through everything I needed for the shoot over and over...

I got to set at 8am and met the talent & directors who were all really laid back and friendly which in turn relaxed me a bit.

Anyway I'm not allowed to mention the company this ad was for until its launched but here are a few sneak peek pics from behind the scenes.

The look was "corporate".

I worked on the hair and makeup for this shoot so I'm very proud of myself :D

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Stay Pretty ;)

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Jillian said...

sweeeeeet....wonder if we get to see it here?..hMmMMMMmmM...

anyway...knew you were going to kick butt...i'm sure there will be many more "gigs" to come!!

and uumm feel free to just pick my name thanks!!!

Pam said...

That is so cool!!! I'm so proud of you!

Serena said...

Well done you!

Kat Argonza | Tough Girl 101 said...

Woah, now I want to see it. you made her look really gorgeous.

becky said...

this is freaking awesome :) congratulations girl.

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