Prom girls revealed & Dont friend request me if.....

Its Friday Bitches!!!!

Who else is feeling extra happy today??.... anyone?..... Buller...Buller....

Anyway I promised pics of the prom girls who's makeup I did yesterday so here ya go.
Makeup Artist: Far (moi)
Prom Girls: Amy & Jenn G.

They are twins can you believe!
Such sweethearts though... they NEVER wear makeup I was told so this was huge for them. I kept it fairly light but they looked stunning... I wish I was a smart cookie and took before pics... but I wasn't..

Yesterday was a lot of fun but now I'm looking forward to my next gig which is a lingerie photoshoot this Sunday ;) Ill try to get some behind the scenes shots for you voyeurs ;)

On a side note.... If you're going to add me as a friend on Facebook and I don't know you chances are I'm going to click on your profile to see who you are.... If one of the groups you belong to is "Toronto Casual Sex" your ass is getting ignored AND blocked!!! Thanks but NO thanks!

Stay Pretty ;)

ps- Date with Mr.25 tonight ;)

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Mich said...

they are TWINS?? no way!!

make up looks fantastic :) (as always)

Prep-E Girl said...

They look GORGEOUS.

Can you come live at my house and make me up every morning.

I promise I don't belong to any "casual sex groups"!!!


Anonymous said...

They look gorgeous! But not at all like twins.

Optimistic Pessimist said...

Make-up looks awesome!

Jillian said...

fraternal twins :)

in any case makeup looks GREAT...eye shadow blended so beautifully!

ooh and their DRESSES...LOVE THEM!...especially the colors!!

ooh another date!?!!? *WOOT WOOT*

have a great weekend F to the A-R!

Mira said...

Fantastic work!!!! They really don't look like twins.


mommy did a good job! i bet the girls were please.

ot: i wish you would go to a dark font color. your blog is very hard to see and. personally, it won't be long before i give up trying to read it even tho the content is good.

Maxie said...

I didn't even know Facebook had groups like that! too funny!

becky said...

wow they seriously do not look like twins. I like how you kept their makeup not too over done and age appropriate :)

they look so beautiful.

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