Happy Birthday Canada!

There was a very good reason I didn't post yesterday....

It was Canada Day!!
That and we all had the day off and there was only 2 malls open and me and the girls decided to be brave and venture to one..

The downside... TONS of people, screaming babies, 20 mins wait for a table in the food court and trying to sift through messy tables and racks of clothes...

The upside... good sales, spending time with my girls, something to do when everything else was closed & I got a hot new top!

It was kinda lame that we got the Wednesday off but I guess it kinda breaks up the week..

Happy 4th of July this weekend to all my American readers... at least you guys get a long weekend!

Photoshoot tonight... apparently I'm this models "preferred" makeup artist now... Hey I'm not complaining... being anyone's preferred anything cant be bad right?!

Stay Pretty ;)



jr said...

you're my preferred bff

AC said...

You forgot about the 30 mins it took us to park, and the lady who took the spot from us when we were leaving who waited 40 minutes! LOL!

Fuuuuuun! :)

Jillian said...

eerr uuum i don't know if i'd want to be someones preferred contact for random requests for nothing....LOL i kid

GO YOU...build that clientele up girl!!!!!

Have a GREAT weeekend F to the A-R!!

Mich said...

i prefer you over ANYTHING!

miss you :) hope you had a great Canada Day!

(awww if things would have worked out you would be HERE now.... )

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