Photoshoot teaser pics from the weekend... HAWT!

I worked on a lingerie photoshoot Sunday with a great photographer and amazing models.
Here are some hawt teaser pics... what do you think??

Please keep in mind these are unedited & un-retouched proofs only...

Makeup Artist: Far - ME ;)

Model: Melissa H (Elite Model Management)

Model: Kristina C (Sutherland Models)

Models: Melissa & Kristina

I had a great time working with these girls they were so sweet and easy to work with.
Great pics no??

Stay pretty ;)

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Jillian said...

i love the really simple natural look...sexay!! :)

Have a great week F to the A-R!!

Maxie said...

Pretty! Especially love what you did on the brunette.

Serena said...

Like? Love more like - great job!

Kat Argonza | Tough Girl 101 said...

you like the dark eyes and natural lips huh? It's very pretty!!! I've never learnd how to do it, bu I'm kinda envious of it.

Sutherland Models said...

You are not a Sutherland Model. Please remove that from your profile.

Far said...

LOL i never claimed I was a sutherland model!! One of the models I worked on is not me... geez

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