My obsession with Boyz II Men Continues!

Annnnnd Im going to see Boyz II Men for the 4th year in a row in October!! Woot woot...

NO it doesn't get old.
YES they are just as good with one missing member.
YES I'm dragging Mr.BF.
NO he doesn't have a choice :)

This time I'm going to try to meet them so I can convince them to sing at my wedding.. you know when and IF I ever get married...

Ok so maybe I'm dreaming big but the other day I was seriously wondering if there are any B2M cover bands out there....

If not well, shit there should be cuz they would get a lot of business come wedding season!!

Am I the only one who loves them this much?!

Anyway its the weeeeeeeeekend peeps!

Tonight GIRLS night woohoo!!
Tomorrow up at Mr.BF's cottage for the day.. uh oh its meet Grandpa time :O
Sunday doing makeup for a wedding in the early morning, maybe hitting up some Caribana events and then hanging out with the rents..
Monday (YES its a LOOOONg weekend here in Canada!) either hanging with Mr.BF or my girlies...

Its going to be a crazy weekend in Toronto with Caribana going on... I mean you know with all the young American boys walking behind unsuspecting girls filming their booties... UGH now I remember why I don't hit up all the parties....

Stay Pretty ;)

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Tales From A Groupie!

So I heard about this site called Tales From A Groupie on the radio the other day and had to check it out!

If you wanna read some juicy deets about your favorite stars check it out... there are no x-rated pics but there is some interesting words and details so read at your own risk.

Stay Pretty ;)

Lets get out our aggression shall we?!

So yesterday I had a very painful visit to the dentist... Apparently I had a cavity on my upper wisdom tooth (yes apparently my mouth is big enough to fit all 4 wisdom teeth comfortably!)

Its been SO many years since I've had a filling that I forgot just how much I hated it! I tweeted every time the dentist walked out of the room which btw was a lot!

This is pretty much how I felt... Can you see the pain in my eyes??! They had this thing clamped all the way in the back and my jaw hurt from having to keep my mouth open ugh so not fun!

Anyway so after I got home Mr.BF came over and he had the perfect way for me to let out all my pain and aggression....... Kicking some BUTT!!!

See Mr.BF does Ju Jitsu and Kempo which is some sort of martial arts or ultimate fighting I don't know and I guess he does some boxing as training so he had this gear in his car.
It was rather cute, him trying to teach me how to throw a proper punch, me doing it half ass cuz I'm a girly girl....

But I actually had fun!
Look at me all ready to fight!!

What a good guy, he lets me beat him up lol... ok that sounds so wrong!

Stay Pretty ;)

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OMG He found my blog!!!


Let us all be clear on this, because yesterday I sent my wonderful BF a picture of me.... the same one I posted on here with my freakin blog address posted on the bottom!!! He asked me what that blog address was and I knew I had to come clean... The cat was out of the bag and lying about it would just lead to more issues later.

The good news is I have never written anything bad about him (why would I? I'm happy!) or written about anything he didn't know about already since we have been dating.
I told him he could read it if he wanted but that there may be things posted before him that he may not want to read. Curiosity got the best of him and he logged on but informed me he ONLY wanted to read as far back as we have been dating. He wasn't interested in my past...

Since I can pretty much track what people view via statcounter I knew he was being honest. He read as far back as he wanted and I made it clear that if he had any questions or wanted to talk about anything I was more than willing to do so as I have nothing to hide....

Last night we talked about it and he told me there wasn't anything there that he didn't already know about and that he was VERY happy he beat out
Mr. Crab (the sleeper) lol... He also said that after today he would never log on again as this is kinda like my diary and he didn't want me to feel I couldn't write openly which I totally appreciate and kinda just proves to me once again how great of a guy he is ;)

Yes I was shocked that my secret was out but I think he was more shocked that I actually had a blog and that he could read about all my thought on our whole dating situation! I'm kinda over it now, we are very open with each other and it would have been a bigger deal if I had written tons of stuff he didn't know about but the truth is I don't think there is... and if there ever was I would be more than willing to discuss it.

Has this ever happened to you? Has anyone you know ever found your blog?

Stay Pretty ;)

My BFF is offically Engaged and madeover by ME!

This past weekend one of my best friends had her engagement party. She had asked me a while ago if I could do her makeup for this event and of course being her BFF and MOH I quickly agreed.

Her dress was a beautiful peach color and she wanted to incorporate some of those shades in her makeup so this is what I came up with. These pics were all taken before mascara as she wanted to do that at the last minute before she left the house.
Doesn't she look hot?!

The party was so much fun and I got the chance to introduce Mr.BF to everyone which was nice :)

There was a beautiful and yummy cake...

Lots of these..

Which lead to a picture like this... Ah well the flowers were stunning huh?!

Its wedding season peeps... im booked for the next 2 weekends with brides and I cant wait ;)

Hope you all had a fab weekend!

Stay Pretty ;)

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Shoe Heaven!

I realized the other day that I have about 35 pairs of shoes that I don't wear. Some Ive never worn and some are so out dated that I'll never wear em!

I heart shoes but have refrained from buying any new pairs for a long while now because I choose to spend my money on things for my makeup kit since it will in turn make me money lol..

Anyway so I cant remember where I heard about this site a blogger no doubt but check out they have hot shoes AND clothes for CHEAP!!

We all know I love a deal SO check out these babies below.
***Side note*** The silver and gold flipies in the middle that GoJane sells for $8.99 I bought in black at Urban Planet for $16.99 + tax. I hardly wear them because they are a tad too big cuz my dumb ass didn't try them on in the store but I heart the style.

HELLO peep toe wedges like this for only $14.00! NUTS!

Sometimes the sizes are limited but if you happen to find your size in the style you like BUY BUY BUY!

Now lets go shop for shoes!

Stay Pretty ;)

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Big Brother Fans where you at??

Ok I know I'm not the only one who tunes into Big Brother 3x a week right? Ok so I PVR/DVR it most days but I caught it live last night and OMG Ronnie is a freakin moron!

This Ronnie character really annoys me.. not only does he look SO odd, kinda like wheres Waldo me thinks but hes really strange. He acts gay but is married, looks like his hair is greasy ALL the time, lies to everyone which is fine I guess its a game but it isn't winning him any friends and just made the all time dumbest move nominating Jordan instead of Russell.

And this is a GOOD pic of Ronnie...

Ok maybe I'm being a bit harsh but hes really starting to annoy me now....

Stay Pretty ;)

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Expensive Sunglasses Vs Cheap Sunglasses

First thanks to everyone who commented on yesterdays post. I am apply aloe like no ones business and it seems to be working!! Woohoo!

Why is it that I prefer my cheapo sunglasses to my rather expensive ones?
Today I asked myself this very question!

I was given these AMAZING Gucci sunglasses that I wanted forever on my 30th birthday by one of my best girlies and her bf who's also a friend. LOVE the bow detail!

And I have these super expensive Bvlgari babies...

Do you think I EVER wear them?? NO! In my defense the Gucci's are a bit loose and I have to get them adjusted because I really do love them. The Bvlgari's are stunning but not as "large" in shape as id like now...

What sunglasses do I wear if I don't wear these ones??

My $8 Urban Planet aviators with little hearts on the sides and my $20 gold rimmed aviators with a cut out heart on each arm that I found at Zellers before my trip to Mexico last year...
Guess I have a thing for hearts!

YUP.... They are super cute and inexpensive which means I can travel with them, am not afraid to lose or sit on them or throw them in my purse without a case!

I mean I LOVE my designer glasses but really its just too much responsibility to look after them lol... Ive had this issue before when I received a $1400 Gucci bag from one dumb ass EX... I loved the bag but never used it for fear I would ruin it.. so after 5 years of taking up room in my closet I sold it :)

I know its a silly reason, I mean I have them why not use them right? RIGHT! SO I shall go get my Gucci's tightened and learn to fall in love with my Bvlgari's all over again because they are collecting dust!

Does anyone else have this problem??

Stay Pretty ;)

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Burnt Yet Again! HELP!!

Every time I think I'm burn proof because I'm naturally tanned, I get burnt bad :(

I worked on a swimsuit shoot Sunday and was outdoors from 9am-4pm. It was HOT and the sun was blazing but then the next minute it was hidden by clouds and I was feeling cold so I didn't think anything of it until one of the models noticed a tan line when my sleeve shifted up.

NOOOO could it be? A farmers tan? short sleeve marks on my arms? Bright red forearms and pasty olive shoulders? UGH... I rolled up my sleeves and hoped it would even out a bit...

After the shoot I went to hang out with Mr.BF (AKA Mr.25, I'm changing his name now) and as soon as I got there he pointed out that my upper chest and back were super red.... In fact he called my back Burgundy.... BURGUNDY!!!


WTH!! Its so much worse in person and let me now mention that I am the Maid of Honor for one of my best friends who's engagement party is this Saturday!

What the heck am I supposed to do? My back is so much worse... I forgot sunscreen on my body but thank god use SPF 45 on my face everyday....

I need help! How do I fix this? How do I make the awkward lines go away??

I have been putting aloe and I will exfoliate everyday but what else??

I mean worst case I apply a bit of makeup or tanner (any suggestions which one?) but I don't want it getting on my dress (which is a halter) so Id rather avoid it...


Stay Pretty and for gods sakes uses SPF 70!

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So I know you all missed me tons right? lol ok well I missed you!

Vaca was good... saw gramps turn 89 woot woot!! Got to hang with my cousins and shop a bit..

Ill post about all my goodies with pics on Monday but I just wanted to say HI ;)

Oh and that I just found out my most favorite group every Boyz II Men (don't hate!) is coming to Toronto again this year!!! You know what that means right??? Yup I'm dragging Mr. 25 to go see them with me :)

This news makes me happy... that combined with the fact that I'm well again (got super sick on the flight home story Monday) and that its FRIDAY makes me smile!!

Swimsuit photoshoot Sunday cant wait should be fun!! (For the hundredth time NO I'm not a model I'm a makeup artist this is why I work on photoshoots!)...

Have a great weekend peeps!

Stay Pretty ;)

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Off to the West Coast BABY!!!

I leave tomorrow for a mini vacation to the west coast woohoo! Let me tell you this is a MUCH needed vaca!

First I head to Vancouver where we celebrate my gramps 89th bday and hang out for a few days, then we will head over to Seattle to visit my cousins and SHOP!!!



I heart the shopping in Seattle! I always find amazing deals when I go and who can go the US and NOT make a trip to Target!! They need to get on bringing one to Canada already no?

Anyway Ill be back to regular posting next Thursday or so but I shall be Tweeting all my west coast adventures so be sure to follow me on Twitter @

Have a fantabulous week my pretties ;)

Stay Pretty ;)

And the Winner IS....

The lucky winner of the Mascara giveaway IS.......

Congrats girl you're the lucky winner of this brand spanking new pulse perfection mascara by Maybelline. Ill be emailing you shortly ;)
Thanks to all those who entered I Heart U!

So yesterday I took Mr.25 out for dinner. Hes been super down as of late since hes STILL on strike and I really wanted to cheer him up before I leave for the west coast. It was a total surprise all I told him was to dress up cuz we were going somewhere.

However I got a bit of a surprise too....

So sweet :) *big smiles*
Didnt get any pics at dinner was too distracted by his baby blues ;) but silly boy grabbed the bill when it came... like hello I was surprising HIM why would he pay lol... needless to say there was a bit of a struggle with the bill but I finally got him to just accept the gesture....

I know such problems we have huh lol... :)

Stay Pretty ;)

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Last chance to win a free mascara & dining on top of the world!

Don't forget to enter my mascara giveaway here! Cuz ladies you all know you are supposed to change your mascaras every MAX 3 months right??!
Winner will be announced tomorrow!

Going for dinner with Mr.25 tonight on top of the world... ok maybe not the world but 38 floors up!
Check out these shots of the restaurant... Should be pretty romantic especially when the sun sets and we ca see all the city lights :) Ill try to take pics...

Stay Pretty ;)

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The ONE time I wear white & the attack of the mutant strawberry!

So in my FOTD pic from Saturday night you can see I'm wearing a white top... the one and only time I've ever decided to go out in white and guess what happened???

Some drunk chick drops her drink on the floor right in front of me, glass goes flying and her vodka cranberry splashes up ALL over my brand new hot white top!!!!

Figures right!! UGH I really hope my dry cleaner can take it out before I head to the west coast Friday cuz I really want to wear it again :(

Speaking of which I'm heading to Vancouver & Seattle Friday for my gramps 89th bday & a mini family reunion! I cant wait to get the 100 questions about my love life and how come I'm not married yet.. oh and who can forget the comments on my weight and how come I'm not supermodel skinny!... gotta love old people lol... they mean well but SHIT!

In other news WTF is this????

My sis in-law gave it to me and claimed it was a strawberry.... YEAH a mutant strawberry if you ask me... I debated if I should eat it or not but in the end it was too fresh and tempting not to! I gotta say this freak a leek strawberry tasted damn good!

Stay Pretty;)

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Its Party time!! Happy 4th of July peeps!

Just heading out for a night on the town thought id snap a pic for my FOTD (Face of the Day) shot!

Although I'm in Canada and its just another Saturday night here I would still like to wish all my American peeps a Happy 4th of JUUULY!

Sans lipgloss.... sorry for the crappy blackberry pic but you get the idea ;)

Stay Pretty ;)

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Mascara Giveaway!!! Enter Now!

Not only is it FRIDAY (the best day of the week in my opinion) but its also time for another giveaway!!!

Remember this post where I mentioned that one lucky reader will be able to win their very own brand new Maybelline New York Pulse Perfection Vibrating mascara... well the time has come!!

How do I enter?

Simply leave a comment and let me know what your favorite mascara is and why!
(Make sure you leave your email address in the comments IF its not available on your profile or I don't have it)

Contest ends Tuesday July 7th 2009 @ 11:59pm est and winner will be announced on Wednesday July 8th 2009.

Good Luck!

If you're not already a follower please become one as I will have more giveaways soon!

Happy Friday, commenting, 4th of July (shout outs to all my US readers) & weekend!!

Stay Pretty ;)

Happy Birthday Canada!

There was a very good reason I didn't post yesterday....

It was Canada Day!!
That and we all had the day off and there was only 2 malls open and me and the girls decided to be brave and venture to one..

The downside... TONS of people, screaming babies, 20 mins wait for a table in the food court and trying to sift through messy tables and racks of clothes...

The upside... good sales, spending time with my girls, something to do when everything else was closed & I got a hot new top!

It was kinda lame that we got the Wednesday off but I guess it kinda breaks up the week..

Happy 4th of July this weekend to all my American readers... at least you guys get a long weekend!

Photoshoot tonight... apparently I'm this models "preferred" makeup artist now... Hey I'm not complaining... being anyone's preferred anything cant be bad right?!

Stay Pretty ;)


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