Lets get out our aggression shall we?!

So yesterday I had a very painful visit to the dentist... Apparently I had a cavity on my upper wisdom tooth (yes apparently my mouth is big enough to fit all 4 wisdom teeth comfortably!)

Its been SO many years since I've had a filling that I forgot just how much I hated it! I tweeted every time the dentist walked out of the room which btw was a lot!

This is pretty much how I felt... Can you see the pain in my eyes??! They had this thing clamped all the way in the back and my jaw hurt from having to keep my mouth open ugh so not fun!

Anyway so after I got home Mr.BF came over and he had the perfect way for me to let out all my pain and aggression....... Kicking some BUTT!!!

See Mr.BF does Ju Jitsu and Kempo which is some sort of martial arts or ultimate fighting I don't know and I guess he does some boxing as training so he had this gear in his car.
It was rather cute, him trying to teach me how to throw a proper punch, me doing it half ass cuz I'm a girly girl....

But I actually had fun!
Look at me all ready to fight!!

What a good guy, he lets me beat him up lol... ok that sounds so wrong!

Stay Pretty ;)

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Pam said...

Awww!!! That is so sweet. Hubby just squeels like a girl when I try to get out my aggression. Lol!

Mich said...

OMG!!! thats so cute he taught you that!

and FAR... you looked terrified in that pic! you poor thing. i feel your pain, i HATE the dentist.

Anonymous said...

I hate the dentist! Last time I went I had to get 2 fillings. The dentist kept putting the novicaine in my tongue n couldn't figure out why my gum wasn't getting numb. And she chipped my tooth! Dentists are awful.

Life in the Cube said...

Sorry you had to go thru pain. If it makes you feel any better I had to get 2 fillings done a few weeks ago.

Jillian said...

i'm cracking up picturing you taking that pic of yourself...LMAO...

i've been fortunate to not have any wisdom teeth lol..but i did have to get a root canal...YUCK...and i got to see the dentist tomorrow to get my crown...BLAH

and Mr.BF is just Mr.Wonderful isn't he lol...

(yaaay i'm all caught up with my F to the A-R)

Michelle said...

My dentist said she was going to leave the wisdom teeth in because I had enough room, but then the bottom right one got infected and they had to come out.

Anonymous said...

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