Shoe Heaven!

I realized the other day that I have about 35 pairs of shoes that I don't wear. Some Ive never worn and some are so out dated that I'll never wear em!

I heart shoes but have refrained from buying any new pairs for a long while now because I choose to spend my money on things for my makeup kit since it will in turn make me money lol..

Anyway so I cant remember where I heard about this site a blogger no doubt but check out they have hot shoes AND clothes for CHEAP!!

We all know I love a deal SO check out these babies below.
***Side note*** The silver and gold flipies in the middle that GoJane sells for $8.99 I bought in black at Urban Planet for $16.99 + tax. I hardly wear them because they are a tad too big cuz my dumb ass didn't try them on in the store but I heart the style.

HELLO peep toe wedges like this for only $14.00! NUTS!

Sometimes the sizes are limited but if you happen to find your size in the style you like BUY BUY BUY!

Now lets go shop for shoes!

Stay Pretty ;)

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AC said...

Just bought 3 pairs of shoes from Marshall's in the U.S. for $100 (all 3 were dressy nice shoes!), and then I came back to T.O. and bought a pair of dressy Nine West sandals from the Bay (got them 50% off!!!). That was all in the last 4 days - I heart shoes too!!! :)

Jillian said...

oh man oh man...last thing i need...LOL...nothing wrong with just looking right.??

*sigh* lol

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