And the Winner IS....

The lucky winner of the Mascara giveaway IS.......

Congrats girl you're the lucky winner of this brand spanking new pulse perfection mascara by Maybelline. Ill be emailing you shortly ;)
Thanks to all those who entered I Heart U!

So yesterday I took Mr.25 out for dinner. Hes been super down as of late since hes STILL on strike and I really wanted to cheer him up before I leave for the west coast. It was a total surprise all I told him was to dress up cuz we were going somewhere.

However I got a bit of a surprise too....

So sweet :) *big smiles*
Didnt get any pics at dinner was too distracted by his baby blues ;) but silly boy grabbed the bill when it came... like hello I was surprising HIM why would he pay lol... needless to say there was a bit of a struggle with the bill but I finally got him to just accept the gesture....

I know such problems we have huh lol... :)

Stay Pretty ;)

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Jillian said...


*doing my I'm a Winner Dance*

first time winning a contest hahahahaa....SWEET!!

Thanks F to the A-R!!

and aaww that was very sweet you and Mr. 25....glad you didn't get any pics hahahaha...well just mental pics!

I will be emailing you NOW! :)

Mich said...

oh YAY im so happy for miss Jillian!!! woooooooooooooooo

and FAR!!!! how sweet is that! whats in the white box?

damn it! i need to come see you and meet Mr Baby-Blue-Eyes!

miss you sugar :)

Life in the Cube said...

What's in the box? ;)

Far said...

Chocolates from Laura Secord!! YUM but SO not good for me lol.. ah well ;)

Patrice said...

Congratulations, Jillian for winning that Mascara giveaway!

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