The ONE time I wear white & the attack of the mutant strawberry!

So in my FOTD pic from Saturday night you can see I'm wearing a white top... the one and only time I've ever decided to go out in white and guess what happened???

Some drunk chick drops her drink on the floor right in front of me, glass goes flying and her vodka cranberry splashes up ALL over my brand new hot white top!!!!

Figures right!! UGH I really hope my dry cleaner can take it out before I head to the west coast Friday cuz I really want to wear it again :(

Speaking of which I'm heading to Vancouver & Seattle Friday for my gramps 89th bday & a mini family reunion! I cant wait to get the 100 questions about my love life and how come I'm not married yet.. oh and who can forget the comments on my weight and how come I'm not supermodel skinny!... gotta love old people lol... they mean well but SHIT!

In other news WTF is this????

My sis in-law gave it to me and claimed it was a strawberry.... YEAH a mutant strawberry if you ask me... I debated if I should eat it or not but in the end it was too fresh and tempting not to! I gotta say this freak a leek strawberry tasted damn good!

Stay Pretty;)

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Anonymous said...

That strawberry looks delicious!!

Jillian said...

uummmm that is 1 strawberry not multiple ones?

glad it tasted better than it looked lol....

Happy Monday F to the A-R!!

Children of the 90s said...

That strawberry is pretty scary. My bf's family got these gigantic strawberries from costco and I swear there must be some sort of crazy genetic engineering going on there. They were delicious, though.

Angela said...

That strawberry looks like it has warts! It just overgrew it's size! Hahaha

I once had cranberry juice spilled all over my jeans. Luckily a friend of mine had one of those Tide-Togo pens and that took it RIGHT out!

*~kAy~* said...

haha! i cant believe you ate it! :P the strawberry looks funny! :P
i prob would hav eaten it anyway too :P but maybe i would hav cut it up :P

becky said...

omg those strawberries does look weird but they look so ripe yummy!

oh and cranberry on a white dress?? sorry to hear that girl. you did look nice on your white dress.

Miss Cindy said...

The strawberry looks yummy! Too bad about your new white top, but hopefully it'll come out. Have fun with your family :)

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