So I know you all missed me tons right? lol ok well I missed you!

Vaca was good... saw gramps turn 89 woot woot!! Got to hang with my cousins and shop a bit..

Ill post about all my goodies with pics on Monday but I just wanted to say HI ;)

Oh and that I just found out my most favorite group every Boyz II Men (don't hate!) is coming to Toronto again this year!!! You know what that means right??? Yup I'm dragging Mr. 25 to go see them with me :)

This news makes me happy... that combined with the fact that I'm well again (got super sick on the flight home story Monday) and that its FRIDAY makes me smile!!

Swimsuit photoshoot Sunday cant wait should be fun!! (For the hundredth time NO I'm not a model I'm a makeup artist this is why I work on photoshoots!)...

Have a great weekend peeps!

Stay Pretty ;)

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Miss Cindy said...

glad to have you back, and good to know you had a fun time :) can't wait to see pics!

Mich said...

im late reading this one.... but ive seen boys to men in concert too and they are amazing no matter how old they get!

Jillian said...

funn times!!! :)

(i'm catching up on my fav bloggers lol)

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