My BFF is offically Engaged and madeover by ME!

This past weekend one of my best friends had her engagement party. She had asked me a while ago if I could do her makeup for this event and of course being her BFF and MOH I quickly agreed.

Her dress was a beautiful peach color and she wanted to incorporate some of those shades in her makeup so this is what I came up with. These pics were all taken before mascara as she wanted to do that at the last minute before she left the house.
Doesn't she look hot?!

The party was so much fun and I got the chance to introduce Mr.BF to everyone which was nice :)

There was a beautiful and yummy cake...

Lots of these..

Which lead to a picture like this... Ah well the flowers were stunning huh?!

Its wedding season peeps... im booked for the next 2 weekends with brides and I cant wait ;)

Hope you all had a fab weekend!

Stay Pretty ;)

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AC said...

OMG you totally took a Rac shot!!! Loves it!!!

Rah looked amazing - you did a great job! :)

The Novelista Barista said...

WOW that is BEAUTIFUL eye shadow job u did!!!
Is that MAC??

Katana said...

Well, so I was gone for about 3 weeks doing army training, and I came to your blog first because I NEED to feel girly today! I'm dying my hair, painting my nails and putting on makeup today. I havent done my hair in awhile, just let it air dry. I havent put on a lick of makeup. I need my girly time and your post today just made me want to play with what little makeup i do have.

Bitchalina! said...


Mich said...

awwwwww she looks so beautiful!!! as do you!

*~kAy~* said...

she is pretty gorgeous! <3 i agree :)

the cake looks beautiful... i wouldn't have the heart to cut into! :P

you look pretty <3

Katrina is a Princess said...

Wow you did such a good job on her makeup! She looked beautiful! You looked gorgeous as well! Pretty people stick together! hehe

congrats to her!!

Jillian said...

niiice...her makeup looked great...and you looked hawt! lol

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