My obsession with Boyz II Men Continues!

Annnnnd Im going to see Boyz II Men for the 4th year in a row in October!! Woot woot...

NO it doesn't get old.
YES they are just as good with one missing member.
YES I'm dragging Mr.BF.
NO he doesn't have a choice :)

This time I'm going to try to meet them so I can convince them to sing at my wedding.. you know when and IF I ever get married...

Ok so maybe I'm dreaming big but the other day I was seriously wondering if there are any B2M cover bands out there....

If not well, shit there should be cuz they would get a lot of business come wedding season!!

Am I the only one who loves them this much?!

Anyway its the weeeeeeeeekend peeps!

Tonight GIRLS night woohoo!!
Tomorrow up at Mr.BF's cottage for the day.. uh oh its meet Grandpa time :O
Sunday doing makeup for a wedding in the early morning, maybe hitting up some Caribana events and then hanging out with the rents..
Monday (YES its a LOOOONg weekend here in Canada!) either hanging with Mr.BF or my girlies...

Its going to be a crazy weekend in Toronto with Caribana going on... I mean you know with all the young American boys walking behind unsuspecting girls filming their booties... UGH now I remember why I don't hit up all the parties....

Stay Pretty ;)

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Mich said...

woah!!! your doing some Caribana partying??? with OUT me??? *sniff sniff*


have a great weekend darlin!

and B2M... they are like Chanel... they never go out of style ;)

kendrasue said...

I love Boyz II Men! I don't know if they just don't tour the US or if they don't come where I live, but I'm jealous you are getting to see them! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Thank you ;-) check out this emo boy hair on this blog:

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