Expensive Sunglasses Vs Cheap Sunglasses

First thanks to everyone who commented on yesterdays post. I am apply aloe like no ones business and it seems to be working!! Woohoo!

Why is it that I prefer my cheapo sunglasses to my rather expensive ones?
Today I asked myself this very question!

I was given these AMAZING Gucci sunglasses that I wanted forever on my 30th birthday by one of my best girlies and her bf who's also a friend. LOVE the bow detail!

And I have these super expensive Bvlgari babies...

Do you think I EVER wear them?? NO! In my defense the Gucci's are a bit loose and I have to get them adjusted because I really do love them. The Bvlgari's are stunning but not as "large" in shape as id like now...

What sunglasses do I wear if I don't wear these ones??

My $8 Urban Planet aviators with little hearts on the sides and my $20 gold rimmed aviators with a cut out heart on each arm that I found at Zellers before my trip to Mexico last year...
Guess I have a thing for hearts!

YUP.... They are super cute and inexpensive which means I can travel with them, am not afraid to lose or sit on them or throw them in my purse without a case!

I mean I LOVE my designer glasses but really its just too much responsibility to look after them lol... Ive had this issue before when I received a $1400 Gucci bag from one dumb ass EX... I loved the bag but never used it for fear I would ruin it.. so after 5 years of taking up room in my closet I sold it :)

I know its a silly reason, I mean I have them why not use them right? RIGHT! SO I shall go get my Gucci's tightened and learn to fall in love with my Bvlgari's all over again because they are collecting dust!

Does anyone else have this problem??

Stay Pretty ;)

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Mich said...

i do the same thing... i have a few expensive pairs but the ones i wear almost everyday are the ones i got at Urban Behaviour in a 3 for $10 sale! WHAT!

Andy said...

My gf does the same thing- she has tons of really nice sunglasses, but wears the cheap-o ones. I figure whatever makes her happy.

Angela said...

My fave sunglasses now are $4 from Old Navy. FAB!

*~kAy~* said...

haha..yeh.. i feel the same way :P
i don't want to have to worry about breaking stuff and feeling sad :P coz i can always get another one if it was cheap! :P

GingerMandy said...

i do that too, i have a few that are super expensive but my all time favorite ones are a pair of marc jacobs that i got for 30 bucks at tj maxx. i've never had a pair that fit and looked so perfect, so i don't really care! i'll probably end up selling my more expensive pairs because they're just sitting in a drawer anyway.

Ashlee Simpson Sunglasses said...

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