Off to the West Coast BABY!!!

I leave tomorrow for a mini vacation to the west coast woohoo! Let me tell you this is a MUCH needed vaca!

First I head to Vancouver where we celebrate my gramps 89th bday and hang out for a few days, then we will head over to Seattle to visit my cousins and SHOP!!!



I heart the shopping in Seattle! I always find amazing deals when I go and who can go the US and NOT make a trip to Target!! They need to get on bringing one to Canada already no?

Anyway Ill be back to regular posting next Thursday or so but I shall be Tweeting all my west coast adventures so be sure to follow me on Twitter @

Have a fantabulous week my pretties ;)

Stay Pretty ;)



Mich said...

have a great little vacay!

ugh... im so mad you are on my side of the country and i cant come hang out with you! i work all weekend :(

Jillian said...

yaaaaaaaaaaay at vacay!!!!!

have fun F to the A-R!!! please make sure you share your fun and findings when you come back!!

lol @ loving Target..i LOVE that!

PorkStar said...

enjoy vacation.

Come to ny!

Miss Cindy said...

Have a great vacation :)

Little Fish said...

Oh I've always wante to go to Seattle and Vancouver!! Have a great time!

Kelvin Oliver said...

HAVE A LOT OF FUN. Those are two beautiful sights of the cities you have posted. I want to go on a vacation like all the time. Dreaming and thinking...soon I want to bring everything into reality. Be safe!

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE it if we got a Target! Your blog is really great!

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