Long Weekend & a Glimpse at Cottage Country

This past weekend was a long weekend here in Canada so we got to enjoy Monday off woohoo!

Anyway Friday I went out with the girls for a long overdue "girls night". We ended up at some club which was ok but totally reminded me of going clubbing in high school.

Anyway I decided to try out false lashes for the first time ever and here how it looked... What do you think?

Saturday me and Mr.BF went up to his families cottage for the day. Its about 2 hours away from where we live so I was woken up at 7am with an enthusiastic "GOOOOOOOOOD MORNING, get up get up get up its cottage time!"

I was not impressed with the wakeup call as I had only crawled into bed at 2am from my girls night but was super stoked for the drive.... Yes I'm one of those, who LOVES all the random cows, billy goats and horses along the way up north!

I was going to be meeting his grandfather and a lot of his aunts, uncles and cousins but I wasn't nervous at all... more excited.

We finally arrived and I was welcomed by his gramps with a huge hug... aww how cute :)
It set the tone for the day and I couldn't have felt more welcome or comfortable.

The Lake

Lake side of the cottage

Tunes by the water how sweet :)

I don't like beer really but, hey when in cottage country do as they do!

We hung out had lunch, he played some guitar for me and then we went on the speed boat for a ride around the lake and so that Mr.BF could go water skiing.

I have never been water skiing let alone seen someone I know doing it so it was cool... the idea of water skiing was out of the question for the rest of us given the hiding sun and weedy waters but Mr.BF was a trooper.
To my surprise he did really well... Who knew!

Cousins Prepping the boat.

View inside the boat

There he goes.... wait what happened?

Oh there he is... and hes OK!!

After the boat ride I needed a nap given the lack of sleep so I lay down with this cute lil guy.. the BFs fams dog "Bear" I heart him!

There was also this dog at the cottage named Murphy... Looks innocent and sweet huh? NOPE! Found out the next day from his mom that Murphy had attacked the neighbours tiny lil dog and he would now need surgery. NUTS!

This weekend was simply a preview of whats to come as we head up to the cottage for the entire weekend in 2 weeks, cant wait!

Can I get an AMEN for short weeks?!!

Stay Pretty ;)

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Mich said...


ok first off the lashes make your eyes look amazing! but girl you already know you have lashes for miles! LOL

and awwww that sounds like such a fun day and such a welcoming family!! next time i want to see you try the water skiing... or tubing. Tubing is ridiculous amounts of fun, just remember to hold on tight.

Little Fish said...

Far, can you pleeeeease come to NYC and do my makeup!

Katana said...

Seriously, you look so gorgeous. I wish I could learn how to use makeup the way you do... I would totally hire you to do my makeup before a photo shoot if i could.

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