Rain, Lightening, Thunder Oh My!

Today feels like such a strange day.... In the wake of my dramatic personal life issues yesterday Im feeling much better. Like ive gotten rid of that massive zit thats taken forever to disappear... YES my face, body & mind are now clear... *deep breath*

Its dark and gloomy here... the gods are balling their eyes out about something as the rain pours down and I swear my office building was just hit by lightening.... I saw a bright flash followed by the building shaking as if there were an earthquake for at least 3 seconds.... yes a very weird day.. perhaps a sign... perhaps a breakthrough.... perhaps nothing who knows.. but I like to feel everything has its meanings.. at least personally!

Today just feels like a very meaningful day for whatever reason.. Its Also Eid... a pretty holy day for us.... Im going to go with it and see where it takes me.....

Thanks for all the support I <3 you all

Stay Pretty ;)


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