Monday... how have YOU been?!

I dont think Ive ever been this happy to see Monday before.... This weekend consisted of a Friday night at Walmart (YES i know i AM this cool!) I was accompanying a friend who needed the basics shampoo, makeup remover... you know the things walmart is excellent for... Plus I really had nothing better to do and knowing I had to be up at 6:30am the next day didnt really make me want to go out gallivanting... Interesting people at walmart at 10pm on a Friday night I must say!

Saturday I was up bright and early as I had to work. I worked SO hard let me tell you asking people all day long "Hi do you receive our flyer's in the mail?".."Yes"..."ok thank you".... and thats how my day was from 8am till about 2pm when I was relieved of my duties as head flyer investigator girl!

Saturday night we headed to this trendy Italian joint downtown for our friends "welcome back from your year of flying (hes a pilot paying his dues) in freezing cold, blubber eating, nothing to do Nunavut" party. I love this place, the food is omg amazing... not just amazing but OMG amazing but they don't take reservations so we must have waited about an hour and a half for a table of 8. Which was a tad bit longer than i would have liked to stand around in 3" heels for let me tell you!... Dinner was wonderful, conversation was flowing and all was well until we were saying goodbye outside and I realized I left my new ring in the bathroom... I rushed all the way downstairs wobbling left to right as I tried to walk fast in my 3" babies only to find out that some Biatch had seen my ring, tried it on and decided to be a horrible human being and take it :(....

So I lost my ring... The ONLY thing that made me feel better was the fact that technically that ring only cost me $3.33 as it was part of a 3 for $10 deal... el cheapo I know but it was super cute and went so well with my ensemble! Ahh well... you win some you LOSE some I guess....

Sunday was spent in the west end eating dim sum with the most beautiful cross cultured family ive ever met. 7 Adults, 5 kids and some flying chopsticks... loved it! Im really loving dim sum... this was my second stab at it and I must say.. me likey! Anyway I needed to catch up with my girl JR who is preggers with her second.. She looked adorable and for the life of me I wonder how over the years our lives have changed and shes gotten married to the love of her life and is now on her second ridiculously stunning baby while im STILL trying to figure men out lol... I secretly envy you a little more every time I see your glowing face ;) but not in a SWF way of course... cuz im brown LOL :|

As for Mr Sensitive, well he spent the weekend away in his hometown thousands of miles away from me thank god cuz I really needed to ponder this situation over the weekend.... Not sure how I will approach this situation when we do speak.... The kind hearted side wants to believe that hes just a jaded scorned man who is extra sensitive because of his past full of mean and vicious woman.... Butttt..... then I think to myself... THAT's really not MY issue is it?! Grow a pair and "do the right thing"(said in a heavy Asian accent)(please reference Russel Peters for this joke)

*sigh* And so begins another week of my Everyday Soap!!!

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Stay Pretty ;)


Mira said...

except the work part, it was still a great weekend for you!! tell me more about the place you went on Saturday^_^ gotta try the wonderful food myself. hehe~~

Far said...

It was Terroni's on Adelaide you should go its OMG amazing lol... but expect to wait!!

JR said...

I had a great time (as always) with ya on Sun. My interntaional family loves Aunty Far and my sis thinks you are so chic! BTW, you can SWF me anytime - it's only fitting as I (more times then I care to admit)have envied YOU.
In a good way of course!

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