Informative Chats, Weird Dreams & Ive got MAIL!

Dragged my butt to the gym last night for the first time in ...lets just say a LONG time... and as RN would do I high fived myself for my efforts!
When I arrived home I noticed Mr. Sensitive had rang so I called him back and well I had a lil chatsies with him. He had a hunch something was wrong and asked. I thought ok well here's my chance to clear some things up. So I lay it all out, told him how I didnt understand why he took certain things the wrong way and that its MSN and you should know that it is emotionless and to give me the benefit of the doubt... Well he actually took it better than I thought he would. He heard me out, totally saw my point and apologized for making me feel hurt by his actions.

See now this is exactly how id want someone im with to handle things so in that respect im impressed with him however this behaviour in the first place kinda makes me think twice now already so what am I going to do you ask? Well we have plans to go out tomorrow night. Im going to go and im going to keep my eyes and ears open but enjoy myself non the less.... who knows where this will go or how long it will last but we all have our crazy moments and when you dont know someone well its very hard to gauge how they will take certain things or to know exactly what their intentions are... Im not letting this incident slip my mind totally but I am going to see him tomorrow and take it one day at a time....

Anyway in other news... I had a dream about our dear Prime Minister Stephen Harper the other night... YEAH I know weird! I was in the back seat of a car talking with a friend, it was like 3am and we were on the hwy when I glanced over at the car beside us and saw Stephen Harper... I yelled OMG and waved as if he was Wentworth Miller (droool) or something... well he waved back and smiled and then I woke up.... What on earth could a dream like this mean?....

Oh well.. moving right along... I heart getting mail... I just love when I get packages its like my birthday all over lol... Anyway so yesterday I received 24 NYX Pearl pigments that I had ordered from ebay (yes its addicting).... Before those who know me question WHY im spending all kinds of money on cosmetics I have 2 very good reasons. #1 all the money ive used to buy these items comes out of my paypal account which I have money sitting in because I have also sold some stuff in the past (so its kinda free to shop), #2 As some of you may or may not know I will be attending school in January for a full time intensive course in Makeup Art :) So im starting to collect items for my kit....
Anyway check it out...

I cant wait to test out some of these colors... do I have any volunteer models????

Stay Pretty ;)


Alise said...

I'll volunteer!!!! :)
Pick me!!!!

Mira said...

i'll volunteer too!!hahaha!!!

Mich said...

OMG i totally have all of those eyeshadows too! i have had some FUN make up sessions with them! you are going to love them. and you can mix them easily too to make new shades because they are a loose powder.

and i think you should give Mr. Sensitive the benefit of the doubt. Sounds like he was very mature about it all once you talked to him.

brownie points in my books ;)

Anonymous said...

me me, i i!!!!


Himbo said...

It's all making sense now... you are a makeup artist. You're quite talented!

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