Dig Dig Dig....

I feel like im losing my mind today........ I feel like im a rockstar at over analyzing everything and suck at just going with the flow... How does one learn to just go with the freakin flow? Please help me because im digging my hole real fast and sinking to the bottom.....


Stay pretty.... cuz i dont feel so pretty right now.....


Himbo said...

I feel ya, it's a very fine line, I've heard that there's a balance between analyzing things and going with the flow, you don't want to be too far on either end but if I had to chose one, you landed on the better end. I've learned, when I find myself in this sitch, crack open the bottle(s) of wine and re-watch dvd's in your collection, and listen to cd's mp3's in your archives. Hee hee :)

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