Rain, Lightening, Thunder Oh My!

Today feels like such a strange day.... In the wake of my dramatic personal life issues yesterday Im feeling much better. Like ive gotten rid of that massive zit thats taken forever to disappear... YES my face, body & mind are now clear... *deep breath*

Its dark and gloomy here... the gods are balling their eyes out about something as the rain pours down and I swear my office building was just hit by lightening.... I saw a bright flash followed by the building shaking as if there were an earthquake for at least 3 seconds.... yes a very weird day.. perhaps a sign... perhaps a breakthrough.... perhaps nothing who knows.. but I like to feel everything has its meanings.. at least personally!

Today just feels like a very meaningful day for whatever reason.. Its Also Eid... a pretty holy day for us.... Im going to go with it and see where it takes me.....

Thanks for all the support I <3 you all

Stay Pretty ;)

Ill Be Short & Sweeter than you deserve....

Dear Mr Sensitive,

Fool me once shame on you,
Fool me twice shame on me!

Have I mentioned that I really HATE being fooled?!


Miss. Im WAY to good for a lying self centered donkey like you :)

ps- Your EGO sucks and so does your lame attempt at rapping/singing so get over yourself!


Stay Pretty cuz you are worth SO much more than an loser like that! ;)

Back To Mac!

So I finally figured out how to de-pot my MAC eyeshadows so I could put them all into one palette. I almost burnt my fingers off BUT I did it!

My set up of things I would need minus a lighter....

And this is the finished product...

I had 15 empty pots at the end of this so today I went to a MAC PRO store and exchanged 12 empty pots for one lipstick (Blankety) & 1 eyeshadow (Sable)... I need 2 more empty MAC eyeshadow pots or lipstick tubes to get one more... anyone have any emptys they wanna pass along?? :)

My 2 items I got from the Back 2 Mac program...

Stay Pretty ;)

Today I let my mind wander.....

I spent the morning outside the Chinese Embassy downtown parked on a small side street waiting for my precious mother to obtain a Chinese visa for both herself and my father as they are heading first to China and then to Japan next month... jet setters those 2 are!!

Well I had about half an hour to sit there, windows down, taking in all the sights and sounds of a ridiculously stunning area of the city that seemed so calm and hectic all at the same time...

I saw a man working in his front yard (that was amazingly landscaped) with his what appeared to be hired help (he was barking orders at those 2 poor girls) The girls were sweeping the leaves off his driveway, sidewalk and even the street outside his property which to me seemed a bit overboard... isn't that what we have street sweepers for?? Anyway then along came a women who appeared to be in her early 40's, great body, wearing a tight red and black sundress walking her mid sized gray haired dog. They exchanged hellos and next thing i know he has abandoned his precious yard and is now strolling the streets beside this woman and her pup chatting about the weather...
I immediately created a story in my head (cuz I really had nothing better to do)... She was the "hot neighbour" from down the street. She walks her dog around the same time every day (10:45am) wearing her cutest outfits ...she doesn't work as she is married to a wealthy banker who is hard at work. Mr.Yardman knew on this day that she was coming by and that he could strike up a conversation with her and perhaps pretend he needed to take the same route so he could walk with her for a bit... I went as far as to imagine this secret love affair between the 2 but then I took a second look at him and thought well... she could do better so that's prob not likely LOL.... anyway Mr. Yardman walked with her until I could no longer see them in my rear view mirror and I wondered if she was thinking up ways to ditch him... I saw her on my way out about 15 mins later and she was alone so I guess she figured out a way lol...

On the hwy home I noticed a car in the lane next to me with something written on its window and as I got closer I realized it said "JUST DIVORCED!" LOL... Hilarious....
TGIF! I cant wait to do NOTHING tonight!! Perhaps Ill try out some new looks for you guys or organize my new scrapbook storage bag that I got at 50% off at Michaels to store all my makeup so it travels easily... (I saw a makeup artist who used this same bag and got the idea) It came to only $17.50 and its so cute... gotta love those Michaels coupons!! Ill post pics monday :)

Have a pretty weekend ;)

My New Fav Show...

Last night I ended up meeting up with Mr S... we went for dessert/coffee and it was actually pretty good... well normal anyway as if none of last week even happened so thats a good thing right? Ya well Im still keeping my eyes on you... yes BOTH eyes...

Got home just in time to catch the season premier of Lipstick Jungle starring Brooke Shields as Wendy Healy and Kim Raver. Ok officially my new fav show! If you girls havent watched it I suggest you start. Its the new Sex in the city and its just gotten juicier than ever! Read all about it here.. http://www.nbc.com/Lipstick_Jungle/

Last nights episode left me with my jaw to the floor and wishing it was next wednesday already so I can see what happens.... Just tune in next week you will see what I mean... dont say I didnt warn ya!!

Stay Pretty ;)

Behind Those Hazel Eyes...

Got the chance to play around with my new NYX pigments and my hair yesterday ... for my eyes I used the pearl white, pearl black & pearl purple for the shadows, Annabelle pencil eyeliner for lower lashes, Maybelline Liquid liner for the top lashes, CoverGirl Lash Blast Mascara, Benefit "Hoola" bronzer cheek contour, MAC "Peachykeen" blush and this is what i got :)

Conclusion: These pearl pigments ROCK! The only thing that was kinda annoying is I had to dump a bit onto a Kleenex in order to use them freely and I ended up wasting some... ah well ill know for next time :) *two thumbs up*

Stay Pretty ;)

Informative Chats, Weird Dreams & Ive got MAIL!

Dragged my butt to the gym last night for the first time in ...lets just say a LONG time... and as RN would do I high fived myself for my efforts!
When I arrived home I noticed Mr. Sensitive had rang so I called him back and well I had a lil chatsies with him. He had a hunch something was wrong and asked. I thought ok well here's my chance to clear some things up. So I lay it all out, told him how I didnt understand why he took certain things the wrong way and that its MSN and you should know that it is emotionless and to give me the benefit of the doubt... Well he actually took it better than I thought he would. He heard me out, totally saw my point and apologized for making me feel hurt by his actions.

See now this is exactly how id want someone im with to handle things so in that respect im impressed with him however this behaviour in the first place kinda makes me think twice now already so what am I going to do you ask? Well we have plans to go out tomorrow night. Im going to go and im going to keep my eyes and ears open but enjoy myself non the less.... who knows where this will go or how long it will last but we all have our crazy moments and when you dont know someone well its very hard to gauge how they will take certain things or to know exactly what their intentions are... Im not letting this incident slip my mind totally but I am going to see him tomorrow and take it one day at a time....

Anyway in other news... I had a dream about our dear Prime Minister Stephen Harper the other night... YEAH I know weird! I was in the back seat of a car talking with a friend, it was like 3am and we were on the hwy when I glanced over at the car beside us and saw Stephen Harper... I yelled OMG and waved as if he was Wentworth Miller (droool) or something... well he waved back and smiled and then I woke up.... What on earth could a dream like this mean?....

Oh well.. moving right along... I heart getting mail... I just love when I get packages its like my birthday all over lol... Anyway so yesterday I received 24 NYX Pearl pigments that I had ordered from ebay (yes its addicting).... Before those who know me question WHY im spending all kinds of money on cosmetics I have 2 very good reasons. #1 all the money ive used to buy these items comes out of my paypal account which I have money sitting in because I have also sold some stuff in the past (so its kinda free to shop), #2 As some of you may or may not know I will be attending school in January for a full time intensive course in Makeup Art :) So im starting to collect items for my kit....
Anyway check it out...

I cant wait to test out some of these colors... do I have any volunteer models????

Stay Pretty ;)

Monday... how have YOU been?!

I dont think Ive ever been this happy to see Monday before.... This weekend consisted of a Friday night at Walmart (YES i know i AM this cool!) I was accompanying a friend who needed the basics shampoo, makeup remover... you know the things walmart is excellent for... Plus I really had nothing better to do and knowing I had to be up at 6:30am the next day didnt really make me want to go out gallivanting... Interesting people at walmart at 10pm on a Friday night I must say!

Saturday I was up bright and early as I had to work. I worked SO hard let me tell you asking people all day long "Hi do you receive our flyer's in the mail?".."Yes"..."ok thank you".... and thats how my day was from 8am till about 2pm when I was relieved of my duties as head flyer investigator girl!

Saturday night we headed to this trendy Italian joint downtown for our friends "welcome back from your year of flying (hes a pilot paying his dues) in freezing cold, blubber eating, nothing to do Nunavut" party. I love this place, the food is omg amazing... not just amazing but OMG amazing but they don't take reservations so we must have waited about an hour and a half for a table of 8. Which was a tad bit longer than i would have liked to stand around in 3" heels for let me tell you!... Dinner was wonderful, conversation was flowing and all was well until we were saying goodbye outside and I realized I left my new ring in the bathroom... I rushed all the way downstairs wobbling left to right as I tried to walk fast in my 3" babies only to find out that some Biatch had seen my ring, tried it on and decided to be a horrible human being and take it :(....

So I lost my ring... The ONLY thing that made me feel better was the fact that technically that ring only cost me $3.33 as it was part of a 3 for $10 deal... el cheapo I know but it was super cute and went so well with my ensemble! Ahh well... you win some you LOSE some I guess....

Sunday was spent in the west end eating dim sum with the most beautiful cross cultured family ive ever met. 7 Adults, 5 kids and some flying chopsticks... loved it! Im really loving dim sum... this was my second stab at it and I must say.. me likey! Anyway I needed to catch up with my girl JR who is preggers with her second.. She looked adorable and for the life of me I wonder how over the years our lives have changed and shes gotten married to the love of her life and is now on her second ridiculously stunning baby while im STILL trying to figure men out lol... I secretly envy you a little more every time I see your glowing face ;) but not in a SWF way of course... cuz im brown LOL :|

As for Mr Sensitive, well he spent the weekend away in his hometown thousands of miles away from me thank god cuz I really needed to ponder this situation over the weekend.... Not sure how I will approach this situation when we do speak.... The kind hearted side wants to believe that hes just a jaded scorned man who is extra sensitive because of his past full of mean and vicious woman.... Butttt..... then I think to myself... THAT's really not MY issue is it?! Grow a pair and "do the right thing"(said in a heavy Asian accent)(please reference Russel Peters for this joke)

*sigh* And so begins another week of my Everyday Soap!!!

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Stay Pretty ;)

Is it wrong that i want to....

Take a pencil and shove it in my eye?!

I want to scream right now im so annoyed...

Heres the scoop... Im sort of talking to/dating this guy who produces music on the side. He says he wants my opinion on how he (who isnt a singer/rapper) sounds on a track where he decided to rap for 3 verses and then have an actual raper do the last verse. He sends it... I listen.. - keep in mind he spent about 30 mins 2 nights ago telling me how he thought the other guys flow was better and he wasnt sure about his part and blah blah... - so i actually dont mind his voice on the track at all but if im being honest with myself the other guys voice is a lot smoother. So i say its actually not bad at all, you 2 just have different voices but i think you should keep it the way it is"... Next thing i know hes upset!!! He says you know when someone likes my track they say "oh that was amazing" or "oh i like what you did" not "i didnt think it was bad" but i value your opinion anyway.... Like why ask for an honest opinion if you cant handle the truth. If i wanted to be totally honest i liked the other guys voice better as a listener but they were both good. Was i supposed to kiss his ass and tell him it was awesome when hes already doubting it?

God i feel like hes being WAY to sensitive about this and analyzing it way too much. I dont know how much longer i can keep talking to this guy if im always walking on eggshells... argh

My gal pal AC keeps telling me i should write a book entitled "Mr Wrong(s)" based on all my experiences with cry babies, mama's boys, users, abusers, insecure men, cheapo's, bastards and everything in between! God Mr Right better be worth the damn wait!!!

In Light of my Dark mood...

A dark look!!
First one I got crazy with the winged out eyeliner for DRAMA!

Products used:
MAC eyeshadows in Shroom & Knight Devine
Maybelline liquid eyeliner in black
Annabelle pencil eyeliner in black
Covergirl lash blast mascara

Stay Pretty!

Dig Dig Dig....

I feel like im losing my mind today........ I feel like im a rockstar at over analyzing everything and suck at just going with the flow... How does one learn to just go with the freakin flow? Please help me because im digging my hole real fast and sinking to the bottom.....


Stay pretty.... cuz i dont feel so pretty right now.....

Where did the summer go?...

Well we are now only a week away from dare i say it... FALL! Where did the summer go? Did we even have a summer? Cuz all i saw was rain, rain and oh wait more RAIN! From rain to cold weather... sigh... Oh Canada!!

OK I wont lie I do love Autumn. The leaves changing, thanksgiving (yum), halloween (any excuse to eat bite sized candy I love!), the crisp air, the fall fashions, the fact that I can once again hide my belly under a nice comfy sweater (I know you ladies feel me), the excuse to wear dark colors :) and of course I cant leave out my fav pumpkin spice latte from "*bucks" .

Anyway in preparation for the changing season I thought it was about time I organized my makeup collection. Well most of it anyway so check out my solution to a neater bathroom.

I purcahsed this small 5 drawer unit from walmart i believe it was $9.99.

Everything is neat and tucked away each in its own drawer organized by product type :) except for the last drawer which is the misc. drawer...

I also tested out some more colors on the eye shadow palette I talked about yesterday... This time I went with a shimmery green and gold theme....

Stay Pretty!

My Latest & Greatest Ebay Purchase.....

So its no secret how much I adore makeup, so I give you my latest ebay find!

The "Manly" 120 Eye Shadow Palette.. check out this baby... (click on images to see a bigger version)

These eye shadows are the size of a dime but they are highly pigmented and therefore a little goes a long way! I tested them out last night and here is how it turned out... I used the shimmery purple and deep aqua for this look.... (the liner is also just eye shadow)

Pretty huh! Just a little fun with colors ;)

If you would like to purchase your very own 120 eye shadow palette just go to www.ebay.com and do a search for it... there are tons but keep in mind it took 3 weeks to get to me! It costs approx. $30.00 CDN..

Stay Pretty!

Welcome to my Everyday Soap (Opera).....

Im not new to the world of blogging but me and blogging have been in a fight for a few years... I think its time to make up!

Allow me to introduce myself…. My Name is Far. Im a late 20 something year old Capricorn who LOVES makeup, shoes, jewelry, fashion… im what they call a true girly girl :)

A few years ago I had a blog…. it was real… it was me and it was a small window into my life at the time. It was great, a lot of my friends were daily readers and i even somehow ended up being read daily by a lot of bloggers i didnt know who somehow found their way into my world. I loved it and actually felt like people found my life just as amusing as i did :)

I ended up dating on of those random bloggers. After becoming friends we eventually ended up dating for approx 6 months… whoa that was an intense 6 months that really felt like at least a year.. we spent almost everyday together and it was great until he did a total psycho 180 and turned into a man i now refer to as “the bastard” :)…. needless to say it became VERY difficult for me to keep a blog going that #1 i knew he was still reading and #2 that was the reason i had met said bastard. So i shut’r down with much objection from my daily readers but it had to be done for my own sanity….

Since then i have not had the drive or patience to hold a daily blog but i think it is now time to step back into sharing my life with the world… or most of it anyway lol… So welcome to my sometimes crazy, almost always entertaining life….

Feel free to say hi, leave me a comment or suggestion or just holla as i love hearing from YOU… ;)

Stay Pretty….


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