Photoshoot tomorrow & my makeup kit is ready!

I have a huge shoot tomorrow which I'm super excited about but also VERY nervous about. It will be about 14-15 models male & female some of which belong to Sutherland Modeling agency... great for my portfolio!

I'm heading out tonight so I decided to organize my kit last night. Here's a sneak peak :)

I also have a huge makeup bag I'm taking cuz not everything fit..

Man am I gonna get a work out this thing weighs a ton!!

Wish me luck... Ill try to take behind the scenes pics for yall ;)

Stay Pretty ;)



Anonymous said...

Holy crap. that's a buttload of make-up.

JR said...

I am so so exciting to for Far!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Good luck girl! You'll do great! xo

D* said...

I love love love that make-up kit!!!

Tough Girl 101 said...

woah. My makeup is like... 1% of all that.

Gillian said...

You have wonderful makeup kit.. I too got wide range of best quality makeup product from Buy Cosmetics...

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