My First Week Back and....

My first real week back at work and im here early! Why you ask? because I had to move my car from the underground as the power washing begins today and I love my car too much to let it suffer or risk being abused my strong water pressure!

A few things I had forgotten and or missed about the office...
- how much I missed my daily Country Style Coffee runs because they are SOO much better than Tim Hortons! Yeah I said it :P
- how cold/hot it gets in my office due to the large windows and that thing we call the sun
- how much I loved hearing the order desk lady flirt with all the old men who call.. (insert wide eyed straight mouth msn smiley here)
- how much I enjoyed seeing my entire family everyday
- how great it was to have my very own washroom
- how convenient it was to have a mini kitchen close by
- how close work was to home and the fact that I no longer have to ride the germy subways every morning
- blogging on a reg
- and last but no least being in touch via email,msn, facebook,twitter & phone all day.. this was made easier by my crackberry but viewing everything on a tiny screen gets to you after a while!

So Im glad to be back to my routine... cuz I heart routine and you!

Stay Pretty ;)



Pam said...

Yeah!! I'm so glad your back to normal again. But I have to say I enjoyed the stories about your school, subway, catfights and all.

Anonymous said...

I assume that more contact with me is your faaaavourite part about being back at work.

It's OK to admit.

JR said...

So glad to have you back far! How many of your lil friends will you now keep in touch with? Or is it a case of outta sight/outta mind hmmmm???

Michelle said...

I'm finding that McDonalds coffee is better than Tim Hortons. Plus, if I bring my own mug it's only 57 cents!

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