Garbage Island was......

Ok so like I mentioned in yesterdays post I had my mind set on watching Garbage Island last night with my friend. So I go over, we eat dinner, I convince her that we "need" to watch it in the spirit of Earth Day and plus she loves docu's so it was an easy sell. We found it online, set up the laptop and then we realize its in 12 parts..... UGH annoying but whatever.

Till we realized that each part was only about 5 mins... how silly! It became more annoying at this point but I still wanted to watch so we did...

We got to part 5 when sadly it just started getting boring and somewhat gross but all I really wanted to see was the garbage island... So I hit part 9 and settle in....

Well lets just say I got so grossed out by the things there were pulling out of the ocean and the things they talked about that I had to stop watching. It was VERY informative but I just couldn't deal with it on a full belly!

So yeah that's how that went lol... Did anyone else watch it??

Also Im not sure about how it is anywhere else but here in Toronto you can get a FREE small coffee at all McDonalds locations before 10:30am. It started a few days ago and I have gotten my free coffee every morning except today... It seems ppl have caught on and the drive thru lineups are re-donk-ulous!! I mean free coffee vs being late for work... or I should say being even later for work! I decided to pay the $1.30 at the Country Style to get my medium coffee today...

So for all you people who were in my way today at the drive thru I'm sending bad tummy vibes your way :P

Stay Pretty ;)



miss cindy :) said...

I didn't get a chance to watch it, even though I was looking forward to seeing it.

Mich said...

i watched it and was disgusted by how much crap there was floating around. i really feel bad for all the fishys and have been thinking all day about how i can do my part to help (seriously).

i have to admit i was disappointed there was no actual island.... :( how sad and distrubed am i?

wait.... there wasnt an acutal island right....?? now that i think about it my laptop died and i only got to part 10.

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