Guess who went to the ....

Mac Cosmetics Warehouse Sale!!!

Got the invite from a teacher at my school and this is totally gonna help with my kit!

Stay Pretty ;)

Drag Queens and Pretty Girls....

So yeah we did a drag makeup demo the other day and this beautiful boy was our target! Secretly me thinks he liked it but look at these pics.... Hes so adorable and dare I say even a wee bit pretty with this drag makeup (without the wig) No??

Then we added the wig and he became one ugly woman lol... aww

Also have I mentioned that I am in a class full of HAWT bitches??? Yeah.. complex much lol..
(apparently I missed the "pink lip" memo!)

Color photoshoot tomorrow ahhh.... wish me luck!!

Stay Pretty ;)

AHHHHHHHHH SO Eggciting!!!

Ok so much good news bitches!!!

First do yall remember that Gosh Cosmetics massive project I had to do for school?? No? Yes? Well anyway I totally rocked it and got my marks back today.... 100% BABY!! Highest mark in the class WHAT!!

Second today a teacher in the other class took me aside and asked me to join her on a photoshoot a few weeks after schools done! This is SO exciting cuz its my first post grad shoot, I think its a fashion shoot with some models AND she said she will be doing my makeup and we will get a few frames which means yours truely is going to be a model for all of 5 mins LOL...

School ends soon and next week is all exams BUT lets focus on what task is next... My color photoshoot is this friday and im freakin the hell out!! But its ok because im good enough, im smart enough and dog gonnit people like me!! ;)

Stay Pretty ;)

Update Central!

Well the Miss Canada Pageant went amazing all the girls were super nice except one. She sat down in my chair at 5:10pm (we were supposed to stop doing makeup at 4:45 but girls kept coming upstairs) they were supposed to be ready at 5:30 for rehearsal. She sat down and went into a rant about how she didnt have any time and she still had to do her hair and tease it but she didnt know how to tease it so she was going to ask someone else and blah blah blah... I started her eye shadow and the girl kept opening her eyes it was so annoying. Then another artist put on her lashes and she started yelling about how they werent on right and how they were going to fall off on stage.. argh she was so irritating!

The rest of the girls I talked to were super sweet... I met a dolce & Gabbana model who really looked like a plain jane tom boy in real life but when I saw her billboard (on her phone) I was amazed. I also met a really sweet girl from BC who told me I reminded her of her makeup artist out west... she took my email so hopefully she keeps in touch.

I havent gotten my 2nd photoshoot pics back yet and I have my 3rd and final photoshoot this friday. The theme is color... Im going to attempt to create a masquerade mask out of makeup... wish me luck lol

Stay Pretty ;)

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Photoshoot teaser and some new news!



Oh yeah tell me thats not hot!!! What do you guys think (there would be a question mark here but for some reason my keyboard is making all question marks as É that blah)

Model - Nikki E.
Hair & Makeup - Far

Ok in other news guess who will be part of the makeup team at the Miss Canada Pageant this friday... ME!! Who ever wins moves on to the miss world pageant and its all televised.. im super excited!!!

Stay Pretty ;)

I love me some new...


Mac refill shadows
- Seedy Pearl (top right)
- Mystery (top left)
- Chrome Yellow (bottom right)
- Aquadisiac (bottom left)

Mac 4x shadow palette

Mac blending brush #217 (from what I hear a def must in any collection)

Stay Pretty ;)

My Seconds Shoot & Prizes for moi!!

My second photoshoot is tomorrow and im SO excited! This one is our black and white shoot and we can be as creative as we want SO im going with a super edgy fierce look... ill show you teasers this week...

This past week was nutso for me. I had a major assignment and presentation due which my teacher kind of told me I got 100% on even though he wasnt supposed to tell me that or the marks arent back yet... If he lied to me someones gonna get hurt lol.. either way he said he really enjoyed my presentation (on Gosh Cosmetics) and that mine was the most informational and interesting in my class.. SWEET!

Friday we had our group (in pairs) project due which was on the Westmore family (they are the first family of hollywood makeup). We had to hand in a written assignment and then give presentations. Both classes were combined and the top 3 would get a prize... Yeah ill just say that me and my partner won a prize BooYah! I got a small case full of makeup and accessories which is really going to help cuz im running outta mascara wands.

I have some other news I want to share but ill save that for my mid week post :)

Stay Pretty my loves ;)

Bridal Photoshoot pics are here!!

Ok so im only going to post a few because I didnt get many to start with and some still need to be cropped but these ones show off the makeup well :)
What do you think?
Makeup & Hair by Far
Click to enlarge....

I have my black and white photoshoot Monday and Im thinking I wanna do something funky or edgy.... cant wait!

Ps- Boys, yes my model is hawt and NO you cant have her... shes mine muahah....

Stay Pretty ;)

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my modern 1920's makeup demo...

I Had my in class period makeup practical test today and I got the 1920's which we were told to modernize a bit.

The makeup at this time was pale faces, red lips that were drawn on smaller than the actual lips and super dark eyes that not only covered the lid but wrapped down to the bottom lashes also. The brows were thin, long & round and the mascara was thick and clumpy. This look kinda of makes the face look sad.

I hope I did well... wont know till I get the marks back...

Blackberry's crappy pictures sorry!
Makeup Artist - Far
Model - Iris
Stay Pretty ;)

What is it with Pilots?!

Went out last night to a club downtown for our girls night.. so much fun and its kinda funny because 2 are married 1 is engaged 1 is in a serious relationship and then theres me... the lone single one lol. Which Im totally ok with but i think my girls felt that it was there duty to help me meet people its kind of funny..

Anyway SO I met a pilot from England who told me he was in town for 3 days. We got to talking and he asks me if ill come back to his hotel with him :O ok I dont know about you all but this has never really happened to me before... I mean SO direct... It was kinda funny cuz there was no way I was going to go with him because not only am I not that kinda girl but my friends would never ever let me leave with someone. He kept asking and even said he would get a hotel room where he was staying for my friends... lol wow he must have really wanted to get some... I again said no and then he said ok what about tomorrow?! lol I just got the vibe that he goes from city to city pulling this shit with every girl!

Do you guys remember my other pilot experience??! Oh wow what a disaster that was! I mean the idea of a pilot is SO hot but they are all either jerks or weirdos!

Oh well it was a fun weekend but reality has sunk in... 2 major projects due Tues ahhh...

Pics from last weeks photoshoot up soon...

Stay Pretty ;)

I need your help....

So im doing a project for class on Gosh Cosmetics .
Do you use any Gosh products?? Do you have a favorite? Pros/cons on the products you've tried...

Any info would be great.. Im pretty sure they sell this line in the US but I know for sure they sell it in Canada and the UK.

Thanks ladies & gents :P

Stay Pretty ;)

more non prof pics from my bridal shoot...

Im hoping to get the professional pics back by early next week but here are some pics my girl took when she got home from modelling for me, you can see the colors much better...

1 written test thurs, 1 practical test friday, 2 projects due tues, 1 presentation tues & 1 presentation wed... Yikes this is going to be a crazy month for me.... The good news is im now a senior and I only have 5 more weeks until I am Far the certified makeup artist!!

I need to think of a business name... something catchy for my business cards and perhaps website... any ideas???

xoxo miss u guys...

Stay Pretty ;)


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