AHHHHHHHHH SO Eggciting!!!

Ok so much good news bitches!!!

First do yall remember that Gosh Cosmetics massive project I had to do for school?? No? Yes? Well anyway I totally rocked it and got my marks back today.... 100% BABY!! Highest mark in the class WHAT!!

Second today a teacher in the other class took me aside and asked me to join her on a photoshoot a few weeks after schools done! This is SO exciting cuz its my first post grad shoot, I think its a fashion shoot with some models AND she said she will be doing my makeup and we will get a few frames which means yours truely is going to be a model for all of 5 mins LOL...

School ends soon and next week is all exams BUT lets focus on what task is next... My color photoshoot is this friday and im freakin the hell out!! But its ok because im good enough, im smart enough and dog gonnit people like me!! ;)

Stay Pretty ;)



Pam said...

YEAH!!!! That is the coolest thing ever. I would be squealling with excitement. (which you probably are). Anyway, congrats!

Life in a Cube said...

Congrate I know you will rock that photo shoot!

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