What is it with Pilots?!

Went out last night to a club downtown for our girls night.. so much fun and its kinda funny because 2 are married 1 is engaged 1 is in a serious relationship and then theres me... the lone single one lol. Which Im totally ok with but i think my girls felt that it was there duty to help me meet people its kind of funny..

Anyway SO I met a pilot from England who told me he was in town for 3 days. We got to talking and he asks me if ill come back to his hotel with him :O ok I dont know about you all but this has never really happened to me before... I mean SO direct... It was kinda funny cuz there was no way I was going to go with him because not only am I not that kinda girl but my friends would never ever let me leave with someone. He kept asking and even said he would get a hotel room where he was staying for my friends... lol wow he must have really wanted to get some... I again said no and then he said ok what about tomorrow?! lol I just got the vibe that he goes from city to city pulling this shit with every girl!

Do you guys remember my other pilot experience??! Oh wow what a disaster that was! I mean the idea of a pilot is SO hot but they are all either jerks or weirdos!

Oh well it was a fun weekend but reality has sunk in... 2 major projects due Tues ahhh...

Pics from last weeks photoshoot up soon...

Stay Pretty ;)



Angela said...

I agree--I think pilots do this A LOT. They think they can reinvent themselves in every city and get ass where ever they go!

Life in a Cube said...

I had a pilot ask me to go to his hotel and have a beer while I was walking to the airport parking garage and he was waiting for the hotel shuttle.

bex said...

At first I thought you meant the car, the Honda Pilot, and I was already to jump to it's defense and say Nothing is with them, they are awesome!

Bombchell said...

wow the crazyness.

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