Photoshoot teaser and some new news!



Oh yeah tell me thats not hot!!! What do you guys think (there would be a question mark here but for some reason my keyboard is making all question marks as É that blah)

Model - Nikki E.
Hair & Makeup - Far

Ok in other news guess who will be part of the makeup team at the Miss Canada Pageant this friday... ME!! Who ever wins moves on to the miss world pageant and its all televised.. im super excited!!!

Stay Pretty ;)



Mich said...

O.....M.......G........... !!!!!!!

that is some AMAZING makeup! nicely done Far!

and you are so lucky to have such gorgeous friends for your models! i cant wait to see the actual pics.

Bunny B said...

Oooo, WOW! That is amazing!!!

Pam said...

Holy Crap!!! That is an awesome opportunity!

Love the photos. You do amazing work!

jr said...

that is HUGE far!! I am so proud of you!!!!!!!!

St0rm187 said...

Wow, that's awesome. I need some serious help!

Elle said...

OMFG! HOW DO YOU DO THAT?! I love that so much and want to try something like that on myself but wouldn't have the first clue how.

Ashley Olsen Sunglasses said...

those make up are cool, her eyes are perfect with those eye shadow and mascara, its perfect ad i think it'll look more good with sunglasses on.

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