Tis the season for my first xmas tree!

Yes that's right this year I decided that I would put up a small little Christmas tree in my condo.

Growing up being of a faith other than the one that celebrates xmas I never had a tree or lights or carols or gingerbread houses or presents.... I watched all the other kids come back from xmas break raving about the holidays and the gifts and I was forced to attend "holiday" assembly's at school which really only consisted of Jingle bells and Here comes Santa Claus anyway so why they didnt just call them Christmas assembly's is beyond me.

Over the years I've thought about putting up lights or getting a tree but the most I ever did was buy a tiny 6" gold tree ornament and put up 1 strand of lights a few years back. I just could never justify doing the whole shabang if I was just going to enjoy it alone anyway.

This year however I finally found my excuse for a tree... Mr.BF! He is Roman Catholic although non practicing he has always had a tree and celebrated xmas so since he spends a lot of time at my place Im using him as an excuse this year!

We went out and picked out the fakest most cheesiest tree to put up and decorate with our walmart ornaments. I knew I didn't want to blow a lot of money on it because this year I now have 4 people (his fam) to buy big xmas gifts for, in comparison to maybe 2-3 Chris Kringle gifts last year.

Anyway so we put it up the other day and have been enjoying the fiber optic goodness of our very first xmas tree together ;)

Of course it had to be next to my Nacho Libre mask!

Off click to enlarge

And On look at those fiber optics baby!

Tis the season!
Stay Pretty ;)

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AC said...

Looks great!!! We were supposed to get a tree this year (if I was actually living with the hubby), but I think it's going to have to wait till next year!!!

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