Manners.... Where did they go??

The other day as I was heading to work I opened my condo door and took out my keys to lock the door. I noticed there was a guy getting into the elevator, we made eye contact and so I assumed he would hold the doors for me.....
Yeah, he didn't!

As I took the next elevator there were 3 people in it with me. We all went down to the parking garage level and 2 of us went right and 1 went left (there are 2 exit doors)... I was steps behind a guy, like literally 2 steps and he didn't even hold the door for me to walk through. He let it fall behind him and it basically almost slapped me in the face!

I was actually more shocked about the second guy than the first. I mean who hasn't pressed the "door close" button in an elevator but not holding the door for someone 2 steps behind you?! Come on!

Where have peoples manners gone?

Personally I always try to hold doors for people, its like the least amount of effort a good deed takes!


Stay Pretty and do your god deeds :)

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