Back to reality with pics from paradise!

Well lovely people I'm back from paradise and straight into reality!

We arrived back early Saturday morning and although I miss the pool and sun terribly I'm really happy to be back in my own bed!

Also I'm a routine lover being a Capricorn and all so its good to be back into my daily life.

Anywho here are some pics from my amazing trip with Mr.BF. Btw there were no blowouts from spending 24/7 with each other which is just another sign that we are a good match ;)

Our Hotel

We took a private tour with a Canadian guy who's moved down there and he took us to this amazing school where we took school supplies for the adorable children.

We then visited a coffee and cocoa plantation which was quite interesting. They let us sample some chocolate in its natural state which is very bitter and some amazing coffee. In the last pic you can see our tour guide getting schooled from the woman of the house on the coffee beans.

We then took a drive down to Macao beach which was not only beautiful but quite as well. We were one of a handful of people on the beach. After the beach we drove through the city of Higuey where we saw the Basilica of Higuey.

Then we were off to the local farmers market where we saw all kinds of spices, fresh veggies and hand made items for sale.

We visited a wal-mart type of store where I found some interesting snacks. Lime flavored Pringles (amazing), Key lime pie splash gum (very sweet) and my fav cinnamon sugar pita chips SO good!

Our last stop was the Don Lucas Cigar factory. We watched as they rolled and labeled the cigars on tiny tables in a fair sized room right by the entrance.

The resort was stunning and although there weren't many English speaking guests we managed to keep each other from being bored. We celebrated Halloween there and the staff transformed the lobby into a makeshift graveyard it was pretty cool.

There were these amazing lounger beds throughout the resort.

You know to keep Mr.BF a secret ;)
He didn't tan much but at least he didn't burn!

I surprised him with decorating the room with balloons and streamers on his birthday. I'm sneaky :) I brought all the decor from here in my suitcase. I had the hotel staff help with this beautiful towel swan :)

Later that night was surprise #2. I took him off the resort to Punta Cana's #1 restaurant called Jellyfish. It was set right on the beach and with the sound of the waves, the full moon and amazing food it was a night to remember!

It was really really windy out but it worked for this pic lol..

What an amazing trip! We celebrated his birthday, 6 months and a start of hopefully a wonderful life together!

Stay Pretty ;)

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AC said...

Beautiful pics! You look great too missy!!! :)

Life in the Cube said...

Looks like fun. Wish I was there. :)

Mich said...

awww wow looks like you had a great time!

ps - Mr BF is looking good with al the swirls! haha

Becky (everyday makeup) said...

you look absolutely gorgeous!! it looks like it was an awesome and romantic getaway ^_^

Nicole said...

How awesome! Looks like a blast. Welcome back. =D

Born with a big mouth! said...

awe!! looks like you guys had fun!! Missed you

Pam said...

Amazing pics. I would love to go there!! I'm glad the trip went really well for you.

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