Im a total people watcher!

I realized something this weekend...
I'm a total people watcher!

Leave me in a crowded place and I could be amused for hours just watching others..

On the subway I tend to look at peoples shoes... I like to see what peoples shoes say about them.. Why they chose to wear certain shoes or where they may be going in those shoes..

In malls I could sit there on a bench and watch peoples behavior. I watch families and see how the parents react to the children screaming or watch a new couple who must hold hands at all times even when there is no space on an escalator and he is standing behind her..
Or even the random single shopper who looks so assertive and focused on what they came to the mall to do...
Oh and who can leave out the flocks of pre-teen and teenagers who got dropped off at the mall by mommy so they could slap on some lipstick, hike up their skirts and meet with the boys.

I even people watch on TV for gods sakes!
Reality show junkie here HELLO!

ah well at least I can keep myself amused in random places right? lol

Are you a people watcher?

Stay Pretty ;)

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Mich said...

im totally a people watcher... strangers are the most entertaining thing out there... its always fun to use your imagination and make up stories about their lives too.

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