Friday the 13th some say bad luck I say shut up!

Ya ya so its Friday the 13th.... I say screw all this "bad luck" shit and lets just call it what it is.... just another freaking day... not just any day... a Friday. The start of a weekend, the day Mr.BF was officially invited to a family dinner at a wicked Mediterranean restaurant and not even by my parents.... he was actually invited by my uncle.

The same uncle who's quite picky about whom he keeps company with. The same uncle that's used to dining with the "upper society" of the world.... I say this only because its a HUGE deal to me. I was super nervous when he met them for the first time (as they are visiting from over seas) last week, but when I heard that they actually liked him I was floored.. in a good way of course.

So tonight Mr.BF and I will dine on a feast with more than my immediate family.

Big things are happening! Whens the last time I've been in this place with someone... oh yeah NEVER!

Friday the 13th.... a great day!

Stay Pretty ;)

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Kris said...


That's a pretty big deal! Good luck to Mr. BF! ;)

Mich said...

Im with Kris...


im so happy for you its pretty much ridiculous!

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