Today is December 1st... World Aids Day.

World AIDS Day is observed every year on December 1. It was first observed in 1988 after a summit of health ministers from around the world called for a spirit of social tolerance and a greater exchange of information on HIV/AIDS. World AIDS Day serves to strengthen the global effort to face the challenges of the AIDS pandemic.

While the rate of death from AIDS in Canada has declined dramatically it still effects millions in other countries such as Africa. AIDS is killing 6,000 people a day in Africa. No family is unaffected. Employers hire 2-3 people per position, in order to have one trained person still alive to do the job. Shop stewards double as AIDS counselors.

How can I help?
Go grab a Starbucks coffee...simple as that!

Starbucks Coffee Company has announced that on World AIDS Day, Dec. 1 2009, it will make a 5-cent contribution to the Global Fund for every hand-crafted beverage sold on that day at participating stores in the United States and Canada.

The company also said that if customers are unable to make it to a Starbucks store on World Aids Day, they can still be a part of the fight against AIDS in Africa by visiting the company's Web site where they can contribute a drawing in which each participating Starbucks will make a 5-cent contribution to the Global Fund, up to 1 million drawings.



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