Subway Adventures..

Awesome subway ride home today... Me, 10,000 strangers and the screaming man who insisted on rubbing his below the belt `no zone`over and over (fly undone) while he gawked at everyone in our subway car.. Awesomeness!

Apparently nasty shit doesn't just happen on the subways in New York huh........

Stay Pretty ;)



Liana said...

YUCK!!! that's it, just yuck im so sorry!

The Loss Adjuster said...

Um, gross.

Desert Rat said...

oh my gosh that is so gross! I feel for you.

Bon Don said...

You should carry a taser. and use it!

PorkStar said...

well in NY subways, what they do is, they stick it out, waiting for someone to accidentally rub on it or grab it.. whatever, here in ny they are just weird!

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