The Secret IS Revealed!

Well remember how I said that Mr.BF couldn't keep a secret so I found out what my xmas present was? Well I finally got my camera back and am able to show you :)

He got me this promise ring *blushes*
Its Garnet (my birthstone) and Diamonds set in 14k gold.

Normally I'm not about my birth stone at all but I actually really love this ring. The thought and love behind it makes it all that much more special.

It was re-wrapped and is now under the tree at his families house waiting for me to be fake surprised lol...

Stay Pretty ;)

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Life in the Cube said...

That's pretty. He's a keeper :)

Born with a big mouth! said...

that is SOOOOOO beautiful!!! Lucky girl.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet guy, and he has good taste! Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Lucia said...

That's gorgeous! I got a ring too for christmas it was a total surprise!

Mich said...

awwww so pretty!! and it totally suits you!

anderson said...

An intended surprise is great nevertheless...don't let him know you knew it...he'll be very happy to see you surprised...supposedly ;)
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