Earthquakes and Tornados and G20 Summits Oh My!

I was sitting here staring out the window daydreaming when I felt the building sway from side to side... now I wasn't alarmed since the building tends to move sometimes but this time it lasted a good 30 seconds...


I know Toronto's been hit before with tiny tremors before but nothing like this one... 5.5 on the richter scale at 1:44pm today. As we shook and shook we all looked at each other wondering if indeed this was an earthquake or something else... that's how NOT used to it we are over here.. (how do you californians deal with this over and over)

I headed over to twitter and tweeted about the shaking only to scroll down and see I wasn't the only one. People as far away as Cleavland felt the tremors and its said the the epicenter was in Quebec.

I knew the jokes about Quebec trying to separate from the rest of Canada again were inevitable but then the jokes about the possible tornado tonight and the G20 summit happening here over the next few days filled twitter...

Its dark and gloomy here now and as people start to chill out and realize ok that wasn't so bad life begins to get back to normal... until tonight's Tornado that is...

Will I be home taking cover under a blanket? NO ill be accessory shopping for my besties bday (which is today happy bday girl I got you and earthquake!) party on Saturday... Shopping stops for nothing!

Anyone else feel today's quake??


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Mich said...

what?? a quake!! no way! ive never experienced one. i think i would freak out for sure.

Stephie J said...

I did in Waterloo. It was intense!

I was like wtf is going on!??!

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